Attorney Frank Lauletta comments on whether a real estate acquirer may collect pre-closing rent from an existing tenant

Frank Lauletta, Attorney Profile at

Frank Lauletta, Attorney Profile at

Lauletta Birnbaum presents at Career Days (Frank Lauletta, attorney)

Lauletta Birnbaum presents at Career Days (Frank Lauletta, attorney)

Office of Lauletta Birnbaum in New Jersey (Frank Lauletta, attorney)

Office of Lauletta Birnbaum in New Jersey (Frank Lauletta, attorney)

Frank Lauletta, Partner at the Law Firm Lauletta Birnbaum

Frank Lauletta, Partner at the Law Firm Lauletta Birnbaum

Lauletta Birnbaum, Attorney Frank A. Lauletta

Lauletta Birnbaum, Attorney Frank A. Lauletta

In real estate acquisitions, buyers sometimes buy the property with an existing tenant. Attorney Frank Lauletta discusses a recent appellate case in this regard

Lauletta Birnbaum LLC (N/A:N/A)

In this case, the buyer failed to include a provision that it was buying the accounts receivable and paying consideration therefor.”

— Frank A. Lauletta, Attorney at Lauletta Birnbaum

SEWELL, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2019 / — Business Attorney Frank A. Lauletta published a comment of interest to real estate investors acquiring property with existing tenants. While this is an Illinois case, the issue could have implications in other states as well. In 1002 E. 87th Street, LLC v. Midway Broadcasting Corp, a decision from the Appellate Court of Illinois, the Court ruled on whether unpaid rent that accrued prior to the purchase by a new landlord can be collected by the new landlord afterwards. The Midway Court answered in the negative, holding that the new landlord had no standing to sue for rent that accrued before the purchase. The comment will be published in full on the Blog of Mr. Lauletta at

As the Court put it, “[t]he facts are relatively simple. Midway operated a radio station at 1002 E. 87th Street, Chicago, leasing the space from Jeff BV Commercial, LLC (Jeff BV). Melody Spann Cooper and Pierre Cooper signed the lease as guarantors. Jeff BV sold the property to Glass Management Services, Inc., which then sold it to 1002 E. 87th Street, LLC. The lease provides that Midway will pay rent ‘without abatement, demand, deduction or offset whatsoever.’ The lease also indicates that the landlord ‘shall include the party named as such in the first paragraph thereof, its representatives, assigns and successors in title to the Premises.’ When an original owner conveys the property, the ‘[t]enant agrees to attorn to such new owner.’ This section further specifies that, when the original landlord conveys the property, all liabilities and obligations ‘accrued thereafter are terminated’ and all liabilities and obligations of the original landlord ‘shall be binding upon the new owner.’”

After the sale of the property to the new landlord, the tenants sent the monthly rent to the new landlord. The new landlord rejected the rent and demanded all the back owed rent that accrued prior to the purchase. The trial court granted the tenant’s motion to dismiss for lack of standing and granted it attorney’s fees. The landlord appealed.
The appellate court noted the respective parties’ arguments. “87th Street contends the lease established its standing. 87th Street claims the lease entitles it to demand strict compliance with the past due rent provision. 87th Street also claims rent accrual is a chose in action and, thus, freely assignable. Midway counters that 87th Street only has standing to sue for rent that comes due after it became the landlord, and not for past due rent that accrued before then. Additionally, Midway counters that rent in arrears is a chose in action that is not assignable to a new property owner.”

The Court explained that “[i]n general, a landlord has standing to sue for unpaid rent. If a landlord conveys property by warranty deed without reserving any rights, he or she also conveys the leases for the property, as well as the right to receive unaccrued rent. If a tenant fails to pay rent that becomes due, the new landlord has standing to sue for it. But the new landlord does not have a right to recover rent due from before it owned the property. The original landlord retains any right to recover past due rent.” (internal citations omitted).

Midway Court noted that “87th Street contends that it has standing to sue under the provision in the lease providing, ‘[n]o failure of landlord to exercise any power *** or to insist upon strict compliance *** and no custom or practice of the parties *** shall constitute a waiver of Landlord’s right to demand exact compliance with the terms.’ 87th Street believes that, as landlord, it can enforce the lease through this nonwaiver clause, regardless of Jeff BV’s action or inaction. 87th Street also asserts that Jeff BV’s inaction does not prevent 87th Street from demanding exact compliance with the lease.” The Court held, however, that “a demand for exact compliance with the lease does not include a nonexistent right to collect rent due before it owned the property. 87th Street cites no cases, and we have found none, stating that a new owner can use a nonwaiver clause to enforce a tenant’s obligations to a previous owner.”
The case highlights the need for prospective real estate buyers to ensure that they understand the implications of the contractual provisions as well as potential tenant rights and claims and to ensure that the contract addresses the desired outcomes. In this case the buyer failed to include a provision that it was buying the accounts receivable (i.e., past due rent) and paying consideration therefor. Furthermore, the buyer was not aware of preexisting tenant claims since it failed to require a tenant estoppel letter prior to closing requiring the tenant to explain any claims or defenses it had or be “estopped” from claiming them later.

The case is 1002 E. 87th Street, LLC v. Midway Broadcasting Corp., Docket No. 1-17-1691, available at

About Frank A. Lauletta, business attorney

Frank Lauletta is an experienced corporate attorney who has many years of “hands on” experience in private and public companies. His practice focuses heavily on representing and counseling a broad array of companies in corporate transactions such as venture capital, corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions.

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What's Your Story? An Insight into Selling In the Luxury Residential Market

Story About Your Home

Family In Front Of New Home

The “art of the sale” is in making the property easy to buy! It's the art of capturing the home's story and putting it in to words and imagery.

Each property has its own story waiting to be revealed. We aim to unveil this story in a beautiful, compelling way.”

— Roxanne Henderson

STRATFORD, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 17, 2019 / — Selling your luxury real estate home involves care and personalization to properly present the property well to potential qualified, interested buyers. The best thing you can do as a seller is to see your property in the eyes of a buyer. How does the property speak to you? Do you feel a connection and kinship to the building, interior design, and grounds? Whether you are selling a country home, serene ocean getaway, or a penthouse, your property has its own special story. The discovery of a new property can be intoxicating for a new buyer when the property has an emotional resonance and offers a connection that the buyer can relate to.

Some homes have special features that are compelling that convince you to keep touring the property and exploring both the interior and exterior. Others have luxury modern amenities that offer convenience and comfort. The proximity of your residence to lifestyle pursuits such as lakes, parks, golf courses, ski resorts, and equestrian properties, to name a few, can also be very attractive to buyers.

Each property has its own story waiting to be revealed. We aim to unveil this story in a beautiful, compelling way.

Your buyer’s experience of your home is very important. This begins long before the prospective buyer has set foot on the property. It starts with your presentation online and via the marketing methods you choose. We aim to create a special, memorable experience for your potential buyers by carefully creating a story about your home that speaks to them.

This storyline is important in how a buyer chooses a property. When you think about how you purchased your home initially, you will remember the storyline in your own mind that helped you decide to purchase the home. Your home has its own personal story that can only be told through your eyes. Understanding this is key to making the sale. This “art of the sale” is in making the property easy to buy!

Marketing your home successfully requires a compelling story that speaks to your perfect audience who will love experiencing your home. It’s the art of capturing the home’s story and putting it in to words.

Stories have the ability to engage, uplift and inspire with emotional impact and connecting the audience directly so that readers feel that they are living the story themselves.

Creating a narrative to support your home’s story includes marketing tools such as photography and film. Images without a story lack cohesion and can also be confusing or disjointed. They essentially lack meaning or “soul.” However, when you craft a meaningful story that is tied to the property’s unique and special characteristics, you create a winning narrative that inspire high quality, connected imagery.

This methodology is quintessential in the arts and entertainment industry. It’s the underpinning of all great works. Since your home is the underpinning of your great story, we want to capture it both in words and visually in order to attract the perfect buyer.

We have professional writers, photographers and videographers that work with us tell your story. It’s our formula for success…your success.

When Others See A Home, We See A Work Of Art.

Roxanne Henderson
Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage
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Personal injury lawyer Michael L. Avery comments on Quisenberry v. Huntington Ingalls Inc., involving Asbestos exposure

Logo of The Avery Law Firm, Michael Avery, Virginia

Logo of The Avery Law Firm, Michael Avery, Virginia

Michael Avery, attorney in Fairfax, Virginia

Michael Avery, attorney in Fairfax, Virginia

Michael L Avery Sr, lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia

Michael L Avery Sr, lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia

Michael L Avery, attorney Fairfax, Virginia

Michael L Avery, attorney Fairfax, Virginia

Office of lawyer Michael Avery in Virginia

Office of lawyer Michael Avery in Virginia

A recent Virginia case reviewed whether employers have a duty to warn employees about exposing their family members to asbestos carried home from the workplace.

The Avery Law Firm (N/A:N/A)

The Virginia Supreme Court concluded that the defendant did owe a duty of care to the plaintiff and recognized take-home duty in Virginia.”

— Michael Leon Avery, Sr., attorney in Fairfax, Virginia

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2019 / — Recently, the Virginia Supreme Court reviewed whether employers have a duty to exercise reasonable care to warn employees against exposing their family members to asbestos carried home from the workplace. Attorney Michael Avery, provides his review of this case in a new article that is available on his blog,

Quisenberry case was a result of a certification of question from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia for the following question: "Does an employer owe a duty of care to the family member of an employee who alleges exposure to asbestos from the work clothes of the employee, where such exposure takes place off of the employer’s premises and the employer has no relationship with the family member?"

Virginia Supreme Court restated the question as follows: "Does an employer owe a duty of care to an employee’s family member who alleges exposure to asbestos from the work clothes of an employee, where the family member alleges the employer’s negligence allowed asbestos fibers to be regularly transported away from the place of employment to the employee’s home?"

The case stems from the death of Wanda Quisenberry, who passed away in 2016, three years after being diagnosed with “malignant pleural mesothelioma, caused by exposure to asbestos dust and fibers.” The estate alleged that the exposure occurred from Ms. Quisenberry’s father, who worked at what is now the defendant decades ago and during his work, Mr. Quisenberry carried home the asbestos dust and fibers on his work clothes, which led to the exposure.

Upon removal to federal court, the defendant sought to dismiss the case based on the argument that the plaintiff was relying on “take home” exposure liability, which had not been recognized by the Virginia Supreme Court. Eventually, the district court certified the question to the Virginia Supreme Court.

Virginia Supreme Court began its analysis with the general rule that duty to exercise due care to avoid injuring others “is owed “to those within reach of a defendant’s conduct.” (internal quotation omitted). The court went on to explain that while no such duty exists if there is no relationship, “the existence of a duty does not depend on proving a particular relationship, but arises from that basic and necessary regulation of civilization which forbids any person because of his own convenience, to recklessly, heedlessly or carelessly injure another.” (internal quotation and alteration omitted). Put another way, “[t]he only ‘relationship’ which must exist [for a duty to arise] is a sufficient juxtaposition of the parties in time and space to place the plaintiff in danger from the defendant’s acts.”

“Thus, that harm in the present case occurred at a location removed from the employer’s business and after hours is a distinction without a difference. The artificial hazard created by the Shipyard – asbestos dust – was allegedly released through the Shipyard’s course of conduct and moved to place Wanda in danger. The nature of the hazard allegedly created by the Shipyard’s conduct was that asbestos fibers, the inhalation of which could cause mesothelioma, regularly accumulated on the clothes of workers during the day and were released again when those workers returned home and had their clothes washed, thus placing Wanda and others similarly situated within reach of the Shipyard’s conduct and within the ‘zone of danger.’ This created a ‘recognizable risk of harm’ to those sharing living quarters with the workers, resulting in a duty of ordinary care to that class of persons.” Therefore, the court concluded that the defendant did owe a duty of care to the plaintiff and recognized take-home duty in Virginia. The case is Quisenberry v. Huntington Ingalls Inc., Record No. 171494.

About Michael L. Avery, Sr.

Michael Leon Avery, Sr., personal injury attorney in Fairfax, Virginia. Michael Avery has over 20 years of experience in advocating for clients who have been injured in a wide array of accidents—from car and truck accidents to bicycle crashes to accidents caused by drunk drivers. He became a lawyer after a distinguished career in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Practice Areas include:
* Auto Crashes
* Vehicle Rollovers
* Motor Vehicle Fatal Injuries
* Commercial Vehicle Accidents
* Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist
* Claims
* Distracted Driver Accidents
* Road Rage
* Truck Accidents
* Hit-and-Run Accidents
* DUI Accidents
* Passenger Injuries
* Motorcycle Accidents
* Bicycle Accidents
* Pedestrian Accidents
* Slip and Fall
* Personal Injury


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PBS News Hour: The stunning truth about asbestos use in the U.S.

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Novel Coworking debuts second location in Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2019 / — Workspace provider Novel Coworking is debuting private offices, office suites, and coworking space at its new TriTech Center location, now its second location in Minneapolis. The company acquired the 331 2nd Ave S building in October and has renovated it into state-of-the-art workspace for one to 500-person companies. Novel Coworking will host a Grand Opening Party that is open to the public on May 2 from 4pm to 7pm; attendees can RSVP here.

“We are excited to support Minneapolis’ entrepreneurial community with beautiful, affordable space to grow their businesses,” said Bill Bennett, Founder of Novel Coworking. “We have seen huge demand for flexible, customizable workspace from small to mid-sized businesses, as well as enterprise companies.”

Built in 1982, the 113,987-square-foot building is nine floors high and features skyway connectivity. By purchasing the buildings where it operates, Novel Coworking is able to invest in infrastructure improvements including fiber internet and custom-built suites for 10 to 500-person teams, all while keeping rents 30-50% lower than competitors.

“When I started my first business in 2007 and began my office space hunt, I was turned down by numerous brokers because I wasn’t looking for a three to five-year lease,” Bennett said. “I didn’t know yet whether I was going to have one employee or 100, and I didn’t want to start a construction project or make a long-term commitment.”

Fast forward ten years, and Bennett now runs a business that supports companies of all sizes with the flexibility and room to scale up and grow on their terms. With pricing starting at $129 a month for coworking memberships and starting at $425 a month for private offices, Novel Coworking provides small businesses and entrepreneurs with high-caliber amenities that are typically only available to large companies.

About Novel Coworking
Novel Coworking provides fully-furnished, technology-equipped, and affordable workspace to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and enterprise companies. Novel Coworking owns each of the locations its members have access to, including more than 2.4 million square feet of workspace in 30 locations: Alexandria, Boulder, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Madison, Minneapolis, Nashville, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Richmond, San Diego, San Jose, Savannah, and Seattle. For more information, visit

Brittany Bartelt
Novel Coworking
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Onsite Utility Services Capital Unveiling Energy Savings as a Service at the Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo

DELAVAN, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2019 / — Onsite Utility Services Capital (OUS Capital), as a Silver Sponsor for the Wisconsin Chapter of Association of Energy Engineers (WAEE), will present their Energy Savings as a Service program on May 13th, 2019 at the Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Expo provides a training and networking environment for energy professionals, product and service providers, educators, engineers, energy policy administrators, and students, who can learn about and discuss real solutions involving energy conservation and improve energy efficiency.

During the New Technologies Breakfast at the Expo kickoff, OUS Capital will discuss their highly-anticipated program called Energy Savings as a Service (ESaaS). Through ESaaS, companies, facilities and organizations of every size can upgrade their existing energy infrastructure to modern, energy-efficient solutions – but without the typical up-front financial requirements typically associated with such a project.

“Smart business leaders and stakeholders understand the positive financial impact delivered by energy-efficient solutions,” says Fritz Kreiss, Founder and CEO of OUS Capital. “What has stopped so many of them from implementing those solutions is the up-front investment requirements that can come such a project. Energy Savings as a Service solves that problem in one simple solution, making energy efficiency easy.”

Through Energy Savings as a Service, an entire building, facility or property can undergo a complete energy efficiency upgrade, using as many as a dozen modern and cutting-edge options. The entire cost of the upgrade project is fronted by OUS Capital, with the client paying for the upgrade costs only from the savings the upgrade generates. Most importantly, ESaaS is not a loan, so it does not attach as a debt on the client’s balance sheet.

"With the rapidly changing competitive landscape for effective ways to boost revenues , this is easily one of the most exciting profit-building solutions to come along for companies and organizations in Wisconsin in a very, very long time," said Kreiss. “We’re going to give everyone an inside look at how it works on May 13th.”

The Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo will be held May 13th, 2019 7:00 am – 4:00 pm, at the American Family Insurance Headquarters, Building A, 6000 American Pkwy, Madison, Wisconsin. Registration information can be found at

About Onsite Utility Services Capital
Since 1993, OUS Capital has been dedicated to unlocking the power of energy efficiency for hospitality businesses nationwide through innovative solutions that lower energy consumption, reduce energy spend, and increase profits. The company’s exceptional staff of energy experts look forward to helping hospitality properties accomplish their energy efficiency objectives through their Energy Savings as a Service program, and can be reached at

Fritz Kreiss
Onsite Utility Servies Capital, LLC
+1 844-768-7227
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Injured Garbage Truck Driver Hired as Paralegal by Reck Law, PLLC, a Law Firm that Represents WA State Injured Workers

Tara Reck - Washington State Workers Compensation Attorney

Tara Reck – Washington State Workers Compensation Attorney

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / — Contact: Tara Reck, Managing Attorney at Reck Law – Workers’ Compensation Attorneys
Seattle office: (206) 395-6141 Port Orchard headquarters: (360) 876-4123 | |

SEATTLE & PORT ORCHARD, WASHINGTON, Apr. 12 2019 – Reck Law, PLLC is pleased to announce it hired injured worker, Robert Biddix, to join their team. After completing retraining through his workers’ compensation claim at Tacoma Community College, Mr. Biddix graduated from the paralegal program with exemplary grades. Mr. Biddix had a nearly 20 year career as a garbage truck driver prior to his work injury in 2011. With the help of the Washington State Workers’ Compensation system, Mr. Biddix successfully received treatment for his injuries, completed retraining for a new career that accommodates his permanent physical limitations, and returned to full-time employment.

Over the course of his career, Mr. Biddix worked for several employers in waste management as a garbage truck driver. In 2011, while on his route in Poulsbo performing daily work duties for Waste Management, Inc., he severely injured his back. His colleagues finished his route, while he went to see a doctor who opened a workers’ compensation claim on his behalf. Shortly after, he performed light duty work and returned to full-time regular duty, resulting in worsening of his injury.

Washington State employers are obligated to carry industrial insurance, under a system that benefits both employees and employers when work injuries occur. Employers can subscribe to the state-funded program administered by the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) or maintain their own insurance if they are certified to be Self-Insured. Either way, the treatment of injured workers is governed by the Washington State Industrial Insurance Act, RCW Title 51.

Despite insurance coverage, claims do not always proceed as smoothly as they should. “After going back to light duty work, I tried to get an MRI. The insurance company refused it. To make things worse, they sent me to an IME and I received a letter from my claim manager wanting to close my claim. I realized something wasn’t right and hired an attorney that handles Workers’ Compensation cases” said Mr. Biddix. His MRI was approved quickly after the attorney got involved.

Under his claim, Mr. Biddix attended physical therapy and underwent two back surgeries to get to Maximum Medical Improvement, meaning the point where his injury would not improve any further. While his treatment was considered successful, he was left with permanent physical limitations that preclude him from ever returning to work in physically demanding jobs. The vocational expert assigned to Mr. Biddix’s claim determined that for him to return to work, he should be retrained. After exploring his options, Mr. Biddix decided he wanted to obtain an Associates Degree so that he could return to work helping injured workers just like him.

If approved for retraining, injured workers in Washington State can select Option 1 or Option 2. Mr. Biddix chose Option 1, which means he received time-loss compensation and tuition coverage while he attended the Paralegal Program at Tacoma Community College. Near the completion of his college retraining program, he was offered internship at Reck Law, PLLC, a law firm that represents injured workers. Upon the successful completion of his program, Mr. Biddix was extended an offer of full-time employment. On April 1, 2019 he began working as a salaried member of the Reck Law, PLLC legal team.

“It is a privilege to bring Mr. Biddix onboard. As a Workers’ Compensation law firm entirely dedicated to representing injured workers in Washington State, we adhere to our principles and we practice what we preach, which is to help injured workers” said Ms. Tara Reck, managing attorney at Reck Law, PLLC. She added: “We are lucky to live in Washington State, where the rights of injured workers can be upheld and protected. The system is not perfect. There are many fights to fight on behalf of injured workers that are mistreated or fall between the cracks, and that’s what we are here for. For over a decade I have helped injured workers with so many aspects of their claims, but this is the first time I get to be the person providing an injured worker with a new job. I’m thrilled to have Mr. Biddix on my team. He has experienced first-hand what happens after a severe injury at work, and I know he’s eager to put all he’s learned to work helping other injured workers”.

Reck Law, PLLC is a Workers’ Compensation law firm dedicated to representing injured workers in Washington State. Ms. Tara Reck is the founder and managing attorney at Reck Law, PLLC. Since 2006 she has been a very active and vocal advocate for injured workers in Washington State. She is a regular speaker at national and in-state conferences regarding workers’ compensation issues.

If you would like more info, please contact Ms. Reck, managing attorney at Reck Law, PLLC at (360)-876-4123 or (206) 395-6141, via email at, through her blog or her company website at

Tara Reck
Reck Law, PLLC
+1 3608764123
email us here
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Reck Law, PLLC – Washington State Workers Compensation Law Firm

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Real Estate Agent in Delray Beach FL Wins Best Real Estate Agents Delray Beach FL- Prestininzi Delray Beach Real Estate

Christine Prestininzi Certificate of Excellence Delray Beach FL

Christine Prestininzi Certificate of Excellence Delray Beach FL

Christine Prestininzi Local Real Estate Agent Delray Beach FL

Christine Prestininzi Local Real Estate Agent Delray Beach FL

Delray Beach Florida Local Real Estate Agent

Delray Beach Florida Local Real Estate Agent

Best Real Estate Agents Delray Beach Florida

Best Real Estate Agents Delray Beach Florida

Top Local Real Estate Agent Delray Beach FL

Top Local Real Estate Agent Delray Beach FL

Top Realtor Delray Beach FL Is Best Delray Beach FL Real Estate Agents Florida – Prestininzi Delray Beach FL Real Estate Agents Help Delray Beach Sell My Home.

Being a Delray Beach FL top realtor, my career selection is helping homeowners curious about how to find a top realtor near me in Delray Beach Florida to effectively offer their Delray Beach FL homes.”

— Real Estate Agents Delray Beach FL – Christine Prestininzi Real Estate (70)

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / — Best 5-Star Real Estate Agents in America has bequeath upon Christine Prestininzi, a real estate agent in Delray Beach Florida, its well-known Certificate of Excellence for highest accomplishment in the real estate homeowner service profession in America.

When you are ready to purchase a residence, getting help from a real estate agent will accelerate your search. Your purchaser agent represents your interest during the whole property deal and will strive making sure you get the best bang for your home loan dollar.

It is best not to blindly visit or request a community firm or request a realtor at random. Peruse reviews online after browsing for real estate agents in your community.

Your local real estate agent is an absolute asset when it involves researching available residences offered for sale. Your real estate agent ought to have geographic knowledge and also neighborhood experience, together with school information and other insider information. Your realtor will also have a network of associated professionals to aid you in completing your realty purchase, consisting of home lending institutions, title companies and also inspectors. When you are ready to draft a deal on a residence, your local realtor will certainly generate the paperwork to provide to the seller and also will certainly bargain in your stead till you are either satisfied with the terms of the sale or are ready to proceed in another direction.

When you are ready to sell your house, discovering a listing representative is the very first step toward success. Your listing agent will certainly assess the market and aid you to value your home appropriately. Your top real estate agent will certainly likewise have tips for enhancing the outside as well as inside of your home to make it a lot more enticing and salable.

Just how can a real estate broker potentially boost my bottom line on house sales, when I'm saving on commission? On every listing most have actually sold, a real estate broker has actually procured for the homeowners thousands over just what they believed their residential or commercial property would offer for after they had actually paid all the fees including compensation. A majority of for sale by owner’s residences were sold for less compared to just what a real estate agent would certainly have gotten. Most real estate agents would certainly like to repeat the value of the homeowner picking a realtor who understands the importance of legal agreements as well as has some experience.

Christine Prestininzi has long been recognized as a listing agent in a career among top local real estate agents in Delray Beach FL and should be capable of contributing valuable knowledge and insight on this topic.

While marketing as well as selling your home, your realtor will accentuate the favorable facets of your home or business and minimize its imperfections. A top real estate agent will constantly present your residence and remain in continuous communication with you. And when an offer is made on your property, your top realtor will supply skilled recommendations on whether to take the offer, submit a counter-offer or turn down the offer completely.

When a legit deal is made on your residence, a top real estate agent will certainly show true value by discussing every detail to your advantage. At this moment, you should have enough faith in your representative to trust the suggestions pertaining to the close of your sale. And afterwards, put the documentation in the hands of your realtor.

Give a real estate agent the opportunity to inform you. A great agent needs to explain the acquiring or offering process prior to revealing residential or commercial properties or discussing details of a transaction. It is best to have a good idea of exactly what you expect from a real estate agent and also communicate those expectations.

As you can see, the function of a purchaser agent as well as a property agent are distinctly varied, yet their courses intersect with each property purchase. Whether you are buying or selling, a professional realtor will certainly be your representative from start to finish.

As a leading seller in the career of the best Delray Beach FL real estate agents, Christine Prestininzi is actively involved in the town as well and keeps cognizant about civic trends which are priceless in evaluating the real estate market.

Discover a real estate agent who matches your style. If your recommended method of communication is e-mail, do not pick an agent whose most advanced innovation is a fax.

As you begin the process of marketing your house, you are encountered with many questions. Just what is the best price? What should be done about advertising of my residence? Exactly how do I ensure I'm dealing with competent customers? What should I do concerning the closing? The services of a qualified realtor specialist are of the highest possible value in responding to these concerns.

How do real estate agents market residences quickly? A shocking 80% of home sales are done with a multiple listing service. Real estate brokers have access to this service. With a listing on MLS, homeowners have the whole subscription of the MLS working and benefiting them. Sellers might have as as many as thousands of participants, depending upon the area or house, in effect helping them. An MLS listing is one of the best efficient means to bring in competent prospective purchasers.

Advertising and marketing your home is much more than putting a sign in the backyard and an ad in the classifieds. A realtor must provide a variety of marketing tools consisting of a lawn sign, advertisement in regional realty magazines, incorporation in the local multiple listing service, incorporation on their web site and published flyers or pamphlets. This multifaceted marketing strategy ensures that your property is seen by scores of potential buyers.

Getting exclusive real estate leads are a new convenience because exclusive online leads can help experienced real estate agents list new property owners, both luxury sellers and luxury home buyers. The referral fee can be “pay at closing,” thereby requiring little or no initial cost for the agent. This unique technique is now determined as the most highly favored way to obtain the best real estate leads provided that the (1) referral fee is “pay at closing,” also called “paid at closing” or “paid after closing,” such as is the case with, and, the real estate leads are (2) exclusive, not sent to multiple agents, (3) centered on listing referral leads primarily, or (4) focused on seller listing referrals, but not centered on buyer leads, and (5) highlights the real estate agent business rather than the referring service business for the purpose to (6) build the brand name of the real estate agent which (7) provides long term value and notoriety for the real estate agent. The “real estate agent” can then become the household name rather than the “referring service” becoming the household name. These exclusive real estate agent leads are determined to be the best exclusive real estate leads “pay at closing” by top real estate agents.

Any of you who are contemplating offering your residence might be thinking about the opportunity of doing it by yourself without the help of a top realtor. You may be believing you could conserve some expense by doing it by this method. You possibly will save some money, however is it actually worth the risk? Your home will not obtain the required exposure to the large selection of prospective buyers that are out there, locally and nationally, to get the best price. You are just promoting primarily to those that happen to drive by your road or by word of mouth.

Keep in mind that the real estate agent is not paid unless the home sells. The commission depends on the realtor applying a successful advertising and marketing method. Time is limited so agents take care to bring high quality buyers to your property. Numerous realtors prequalify customers with a home mortgage business before showing to them a residence. This is twice as helpful. The buyers are serious.

Assess the realtor’s firm. Look for a broker firm whose real estate agents can equip you with realty experience and also sources and also offer first-rate customer support.

Why does a residence homeowner even need a relator? If there is no agent to work out details between the client as well as homeowner, you could become deadlocked on terms, have your home tied up, or finish up in lawsuits. If your residential property is tied up for months you might have missed the ideal buyer who is ready and also able to pay the cost you want. Additionally a relator will certainly not have the psychological connections to the transaction that a homeowner will. The relator’s goals are additionally different from the customer’s goals.

The best realtors in Delray Beach Florida are blessed to host an accomplished local real estate agent like Christine Prestininzi in their community who unequivocally provides a high grade of expertise to the real estate business in Delray Beach FL.

You are basically on your own when it pertains to who enters your residence wanting to see your house. Putting your property on some internet site basically tells all the psychos out there that your home is open to whoever wants to come in your house. You have no idea about anything concerning the people wanting to walk into your house. A local real estate agent will handle this problem by pre-qualifying anyone who may be interested in your residence and will accompany any possible buyers when they visit your residence. A local realtor can arrange open houses as well as private consultations to show your property when you are not available.

Contemplating marketing your residence by yourself, without the aid as well as professional guidance of a certified real estate agent? You may wish to re-examine your decision to do this, since possibilities are good that you will not boost your profit by offering your own home. Do you possibly think your cost savings on commission will be your benefit after you go to a workshop on selling your own residence?

A residence transaction is an intricate series of transactions with several participants. Not just is it time-consuming, examination and management with experts at every degree is essential. Presence at a workshop does not make you an expert on residence selling. Ordinary individuals will certainly purchase only 2-3 residences in a life time, unless they are home financiers. A leading successful real estate broker will certainly have 5-10 transactions each month. A broker with knowledge as well as experience in the career will be able to enhance your bottom line on a home sale.

When making a deal on a house you intend to get, there are specific requirements you want to add to the preliminary offer. It would certainly be horrible to discover that during the time before closing on the home the backyard has actually been ruined, or your home has actually been trashed. Include criteria such as working devices, a non-leaking roof, un-cracked home windows, pipes without leakages, a well-kept yard and any kind of garbage or debris has actually been removed from the building. A top real estate agent could make certain that you are safeguarded from these issues in the agreement.

If perhaps a property owner in Delray Beach Florida is considering the idea of “sell my house fast,” such a person might call a proven local realtor professional such as Christine Prestininzi Real Estate Agent Delray Beach FL, (561) 475-2359. Why should a person take a risk when attempting to get the highest profit for a residence in Delray Beach Florida within the shortest time period?

Real Estate Agents Delray Beach FL – Christine Prestininzi
Christine Prestininzi Real Estate Agency Delray Beach FL
+1 561-475-2359
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Best Real Estate Agent in Delray Beach FL

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InnoVacient Judges Innovator of the Year for Cybersecurity

New InnoVacient Logo

InnoVacient Selected To Judge Innovator of the Year for Cybersecurity for Third Consecutive Year.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / — InnoVacient was selected by the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc. (CAMI) to judge the “Cybersecurity Innovator of the Year” category at the Maryland Cybersecurity Awards Event held on April 11, 2019. In front of a record-breaking crowd of over 350 attendees at the Maryland LIVE! Casino & Hotel in Hanover, MD, 15 awards were presented to Maryland companies, organizations and individuals selected for outstanding cybersecurity products, services and/or programs or to have made a substantial contribution to Maryland’s cybersecurity industry.

This year the prestigious Cybersecurity Innovator of the Year award was presented to Quantum Xchange for their groundbreaking quantum key exchange network. “Quantum Xchange’s approach to key based exchange and security is simply fantastic and truly light-years ahead of the competition. They will be the model for many years to come.” Says Ken Ferderer, Managing Partner at InnoVacient.

This is the third consecutive year that InnoVacient has been selected to judge this preeminent event for cyber innovation. "I would like to thank Ken Ferderer and Dylan Kennedy from InnoVacient for judging this year’s event. Maryland is the recognized leader in cyber security innovation, and InnoVacient’s involvement is a key part of our organization's strategy to showcase Maryland cyber innovation around the world. Ken and Dylan bring years of experience and global recognition for their work developing cyber related ecosystems and fostering cyber related innovation strategies for corporations and governments. We are happy to include them as a critical component of CAMI’s cyber team” says Stacey Smith, Chief Executive Officer at CAMI.

InnoVacient is a key partner of the State of Maryland’s cyber initiatives, with a relationship dating back to 2015. InnoVacient has provided ecosystem development strategies and ongoing innovation and commercialization advisory services to CAMI and Maryland’s vast array of cyber companies. InnoVacient also helped deliver the CyberMaryland conference, a global cyber event featuring Maryland as the premiere hub for cyber innovation. In addition to their work with the State of Maryland and cyber ecosystems of Maryland, InnoVacient specializes in using cybersecurity and cyber resilience as a transformational lever in their efforts working with corporations, government and innovation ecosystems around the world.

"InnoVacient’s involvement with the Maryland Cybersecurity Awards program is part of our commitment and extensive work developing global innovation ecosystems. Helping companies and governments adapt, transform and create new market opportunities through cyber resilience strategy and execution is a key focus of the InnoVacient team. We are extremely proud to participate in this event and for the opportunity to help these up and coming cyber companies. Stacey and the entire CAMI organization, along with the State of Maryland, deserve all the recognition for another fantastic evening that once again exceeded all expectations" says Ken Ferderer, Managing Partner at InnoVacient.

About InnoVacient:
InnoVacient is an experienced advisory firm and recognized leader in Strategic Transformation services and solutions, helping clients envision, prepare for, and capture future opportunity using our acclaimed DIRECTED TRANSFORMATION FRAMEWORK™. The InnoVacient team has successfully collaborated with governments, states, non-profits, global Fortune-500 companies and startup clients around the world and across all industries. Visit or email for more information.

Ken Ferderer
+1 408-500-9774
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Industrial Power Piping and Mining Contractor Opens Doors in Gilbert, Arizona.

Phoenix Area General Contractor in Gilbert Arizona

FHI Plant Services Gilbert Arizona Location

Pipe Welding and Structural Welding Facility in the Phoenix AZ area

FHI Fabrication and Welding Facility

ASME code welding shop in Phoenix Arizona area

Code Welding and Inspection Shop in Gilbert Arizona

FHI opens new location in Gilbert, Arizona and services all of Arizona and Southern California from the Gilbert Shop location.

GILBERT, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2019 / — Since our humble beginnings in 1970, FHI has been providing turn-key plant services to the mining, oil and gas, refinery, processing, and power generation industries across the Southwestern United States. Our power generation expertise is within solar thermal, natural gas, coal fired, and geothermal. Our mining expertise is in rare earth process facilities, and natural gas is within combined cycle, simple cycle, and co-generation power. We offer mechanical contractor services, prefabricated structural steel welding and erection, electrical installation, civil excavation and concrete, earthwork and grading, ash hauling and welding inspection.

FHI provides new boiler installation in addition to ASME industrial boiler repair, pressure vessel installation and repair, B31.3 process piping, as well as B31.1 Sec I boiler and non-boiler external piping. We handle American Petroleum Institute API 653 Tank Repair and API 1104 piping code projects. Having a National Board "R" Stamp and ASME "S" Stamp, FHI is qualified to perform specialized repair pipe welding and fabrications to meet the code requirements.

Safety is FHI's main priority, and we are 100% quality conscious at every phase of the project. Our certified heavy equipment operators, and code qualified welders are some of the best in the industry. FHI is a proud veteran owned company, and we operate on the following levels: General Contractor, as a Sub-contractor, and on behalf of the EPC. We are very satisfied with our new shop location here in Gilbert, Arizona. Being centrally located to Phoenix Arizona and right off the 202 Freeway, we are positioned to better serve our clients. Our new fabrication shop is an economical 4-5,000 sq. ft. facility with multiple welding bays, bending machines, brake press, torch kits, band saws, pipe beveling machines, drill presses, arc gougers, MIG welders, stick welders, TIG welders, and positioners to name a few. FHI will see your next project from the beginning to end, on time, within budget, and with the best quality.

David Johnson
FHI Plant Services
+1 702-292-7949
email us here
Visit us on social media:

FHI Plant Services handles all types civil excavation and earthwork

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ENAVATE Welcomes Sean Kracklauer as Chief Revenue Officer

Sean Kracklauer

Sean Kracklauer



Sean Kracklauer will lead business development and guide strategy for ENAVATE, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 provider.

In today’s fast-moving environment, companies are looking for a partner who can bring leading digital solutions, strong process competencies and an understanding of their industry to the table.”

— Sean Kracklauer, Chief Revenue Officer

DENVER, COLO., USA, April 16, 2019 / — ENAVATE, a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 provider, welcomes Sean Kracklauer as Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer. He will lead business development, including sales and marketing, for ENAVATE and will help guide the firm’s strategy as a member of the Executive Leadership Pod.

Sean has more than 25 years’ experience in strategy, revenue acceleration, organizational structure, technology implementation and process redesign. In addition, he has worked extensively in corporate strategy, sales management, global business services and ERP implementation management.

“In today’s ultra-competitive and fast-moving business environment, companies are looking for a partner who can bring leading digital solutions, strong process competencies and a detailed understanding of their industry to the table,” Sean said. “ENAVATE is just such a partner. I am incredibly excited to join the ENAVATE team and build on the company’s success offering truly customer-centric Microsoft Dynamics solutions to the distribution industry and the Microsoft independent software vendor community.”

Before joining ENAVATE, Sean most recently served as managing director of two businesses for IT services management company The Hackett Group. He previously led their Finance Transformation and Enterprise Performance Management consulting practices, along with their sales and delivery efforts in several regional positions.

“Customers will enjoy the fresh perspective that Sean will bring when discussing the business solutions that they need to advance their business,” said ENAVATE CEO Thomas Ajspur. “Thinking outside the box is the only way distributors and Independent Software Vendors can differentiate in today’s competitive environment, and Sean is no stranger to that.”

ENAVATE is a Microsoft Gold Partner is committed to providing transformational software solutions and services to our partners and clients worldwide. ENAVATE delivers business consulting and industry-focused enterprise software solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics AX, with a full range of services including implementation, migration, maintenance, support, and development for Microsoft Dynamics customers, ISVs and VARs worldwide. Visit to learn more.

For more information, please contact Patric Timmermans, Director of Marketing, ENAVATE, at +1 (303) 324 4570 or email

Patric Timmermans
+1 303-324-4570
email us here

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