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Gas Station Feasibility Studies Nationwide call Us at 1.888.661.4449

Gas Station Feasibility Studies Nationwide call Us at 1.888.661.4449

Wert-Berater, LLC is the leading Gas Station Feasibility Study Provider Nationwide for SBA loan underwriting.

Gas Station Feasibility Studies Nationwide”

— Donald Safranek

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, January 17, 2021 / — When making an application for financing of a new construction or expansion of a Gas Station with Convenience Store and QSR project through the SBA, the Small Business Administration Code of Federal Regulations-CFR-2011-Title 13§120.160 may require a feasibility study from a qualified consultant.

Wert-Berater, LLC is the leading recognized provider of feasibility studies for SBA nationwide. The feasibility study is an in-depth undertaking that includes supported research and reasoning concerning the potential performance of a new construction or expansion project. Moreover, Wert-Berater, LLC is also the nation's leading provider of feasibility studies for USDA Business & Industry and Rural Development programs.

Since 1998,

Wert-Berater, Inc. aims to provide the ultimate level of evaluations of our clients. We work closely with all stakeholders and take pride in our communication, project management, and execution abilities. With our considerable experience in a variety of sectors, we can provide feasibility studies around the world, on virtually any undertaking large and small. Wert-Berater, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality of feasibility studies in the industry to ensure we provide you with prime service and your ideal outcome.


1) Economic Feasibility
2) Market Feasibility
3) Technical Feasibility
4) Financial Feasibility
5) Management Feasibility


We are pleased to provide a written offer after we understand the extent and location of your project, the loan program being applied for and your timing. Please phone us at 1.888.661.4449. You may also contact us at our website:


Normally, 2 to 3 weeks providing that we have the required project data provided by the client. RUSH orders are accepted on a case-by-case basis at an additional fee.

Donald J Safranek
Wert-Berater, LLC
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Rhotex Inc. Imposes a New Eco-Friendly Concept to Cryptocurrency Mining

Rhotex Inc. Imposes a New Eco-Friendly Concept to Cryptocurrency Mining

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 16, 2021 / — Rhotex Inc., a leading provider of cryptocurrency mining solutions, announces its latest product line, developed through the integration of its world-class hardware and software technologies. Rhotex offers the first factory design cooling case that keeps mining operations working perfectly, while consuming less power versus output performance.

The design of Rhotex Inc. miners allows for cooling systems to be built within the case. Keeping temperatures down ensures that the machine runs smoothly, consistently, and at peak efficiency.

The Rhotex Inc. product line includes:

RHO Lite – $3,150

Hash rate: 1000 TH/s – Bitcoin
Hash rate: 5GH/s – Ethereum
RHO Pro – $5,800

Hash rate: 1800 TH/s – Bitcoin
Hash rate: 10 GH/s – Ethereum
RHO Rack – $12,999

Hash rate: 4100 TH/s – Bitcoin
Hash rate: 20 GH/s – Ethereum
For more information, visit

About Rhotex Inc.

Our inbuilt cooling system cases provide an environmentally responsible solution to today's challenges with the traditional miners. Rhotex inbuilt cooling systems are engineered to cool the machine as the chips generate heat. These systems are safe for computer chips and keep the chips cool as they run and generate heat. The cooling systems work automatically. This simply means you only need to turn on the cooling system, then the system automatically regulates the temperature within the case while the machine works efficiently.


Torrie Fontan
Rhotex Inc.

Fabiana Volf Vieira
Rhotex Inc
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Nonprofit Committee Focuses on Knife & Tool Industry Support

Mark Schreiber, President CRKT

Mark Schreiber, President CRKT

American Knife & Tool Institute Expands Role of Committee Beyond Anti-Counterfeiting to Other Industry Concerns and Issues

We’re here to serve the industry and knife consumers so that our businesses continue to thrive and grow.”

— Mark Schreiber, President CRKT

CODY, WY, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2021 / — The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) recently expanded on the role of its Anti-Counterfeiting Committee to centralize how other industry concerns and issues are addressed for members, the knife industry and knife consumers within the nonprofit association. Renamed Industry Support, the committee will provide education, resources and support on issues that impact the knife industry and knife consumers.

“For several years, the Anti-Counterfeiting Committee has been focused on sharing information among members to help protect against and challenge counterfeiters in ways that matter and providing expertise on brand protection and intellectual property,” said John Sullivan, AKTI President. “Other industry issues were addressed by the board at large and, with the reorganization and refocus, the Industry Support Committee was expanded to include participation from other levels of membership.”

“With an expanded scope and additional committee members, the Industry Support Committee is posed to tackle a wider range of issues that impact the industry and our members,” said Mark Schreiber, President, CRKT, and chair of the committee. “This past year we provided resources to help the industry deal with the impacts of coronavirus on their business and employees.”

A recent benefit the committee developed for the industry is the online AKTI Knife Industry Career Center on the association’s website at Businesses can post knife industry job openings without any cost, helping the knife industry connect with employees to find the right fit for their teams.

Knife and tool industry businesses can reach out to the American Knife & Tool Institute at or (307) 587-8296 with issues they are facing or concerns for the Industry Support Committee to add to their agenda. “We’re here to serve the industry and knife consumers so that our businesses continue to thrive and grow,” added Schreiber.

Jan Billeb
American Knife & Tool Institute
+1 3075878296

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HULT Private Capital Introduces Sophisticated Investors to Prime Central London Property

Property Vision House Graph

Property Vision House Graph

Affordability for first-time buyers improves

Affordability for first-time buyers improves

Prime Central London House Price Forecasts

Prime Central London House Price Forecasts

Prime property values to March 2019 Source: Savills Research

Prime property values to March 2019 Source: Savills Research

LONDON, UK, January 15, 2021 / — Real estate investors are always looking for the new hot place to invest. Prime Central London (PCL) has always attracted investors, and usually, the prices are out of the reach of almost any investor. Real Estate and Property Funds change this dynamic.

Most estate agents and valuation surveyors consider Prime Central London to include the City of Westminster, Chelsea, and the Royal Borough of Kensington, as well as parts of the boroughs of Camden, and Hammersmith & Fulham.

For years the area has had a slump. Mostly due to the extended economic downturn and, more recently, Brexit. Now that Brexit is finally being worked out and the U.K.'s future is more precise, PCL is becoming hot again. It may now be hotter than ever.

Pre Covid-19, residential values for the PCL market were 20 per cent below their 2014 peaks. Currency fluctuations made homes in PCL look cheap for overseas buyers, and there was a brief early 2020 pickup for high-value homes. This bounce was short-lived, COVID hit, and for half a year, the world has stood still.

Prime Central London is now primed to change. The PCL market is a leading indicator for the rest of the London market, which usually follows about two years behind what PCL does.

Why are good things about to happen? Fortunately, the fundamentals behind the 2020 January bounce remain, the Pound Sterling has again strengthened against the dollar and is back to 1.32 USD/GPB from its 1.15USD/GBP March 19th low, about where it stood preCOVID. Additionally, there have been moves by the government during COVID that make investing in PCL even more enticing.

At the beginning of August 2020, the U.K. government announced that in the wake of the COVID pandemic, it would be revamping the process of planning approval. The U.K. Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said in a Telegraph article that a "permission in principle" will be given to developments on land designated "for renewal" to speed up building, including the renewal of properties in PCL, which has historically been a complicated process to pass. When properties fulfil the planning process requirements, they can immediately gain significant value; in some cases, a ten-fold increase has been seen. Jenrick clarified that "under the new rules, land will be designated in one of three categories: for growth, for renewal, and for protection." New homes will be granted "automatic" permission to be built as part of a strategy for sweeping planning reforms in England.

These moves increase the London property profit potential significantly, and especially that of properties in PCL. This deregulation by the current U.K. government also has a knock-on effect on real estate funds with a London focus. The secretary stated that "We are cutting red tape, but not standards." And, "I am completely overhauling the system so we can build more good quality, attractive and affordable homes faster," Mr Jenrick added.

In the Secretary's Telegraph article Jenrick also stated that the planning changes result, in a "once in a generation" chance to build homes and amenities families need, "outdated and cumbersome" planning rules, which previously took, on average, for new housing developments, five years to approve. This lengthy process was fueling a "generational divide." Younger buyers can not compete with older homeowners when struggling to get on the property ladder. These are now problems of the past. How ever the government is marketing these changes, they mean one specific thing.

They are a net positive for property funds with a central London focus. HULT Private Capital is one investment company that creates and manages these funds. They invest in PCL, Greater London, and Home Counties, and are already positioned to take full advantage of the governmental changes and this market opportunity. They offer investment possibilities from limited partnership interest, to direct investment portfolio monitoring services. HULT caters it's offerings to the needs of mid-tier investors and high net worth clients.

In a recent interview with Lewis Hill, a co-founder of HULT Private Capital, Hill anticipates a strong 2021. Hill stated, HULT Private Capital's alternative portfolio of companies and investments, "have the potential to do better than most years." According to Hill "Investors are keen to invest with companies that provide opportunities outside of the box. Innovation is 'key.' The cookie-cutter still remains obsolete, investors want more and demand more. With the end of companies promoting bonds and mini bonds, 2021 is set to be our strongest year, working along side HNW and sophisticated investor's and marrying with responsible and internationally recognised firms with a solid track record."

HULT Private Capital is exceptional in the market because it does not base an Investment fund's value on the top end valuation of its properties, but always on the bottom end of the market valuations. This valuation system means that in the worst-case scenario, with well researched securities, HULT can introduce the right investment to clients that qualify. In this way, HULT has been able to buck the downward property price trend, even in the past few years, and has consistently kept 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 5 years Prime central London -2.0% 4.0% 7.0% 4.0% 2.0% 15.7% providing investors with higher than average returns. Because of these results, HULT have gained the reputation above and beyond the likes competitors, because the introduce and partnered with key affiliates, such as Barclays, Zurich, Coutts, Aviva, Santander, and Bradesco — just to name a few.

Prices per square meter are low for the area but remain high when compared to the rest of the city.

Prime property values to March 2019 Source: Savills Research

A recent article by Savills Research stated that in PCL, "Price expectations of buyers and sellers have narrowed, keeping the market moving, while location and condition continue to be key selling points. With competitive mortgage rates and a currency advantage for overseas buyers, Brexit negotiations will be pivotal to the market going forward." These negotiations have continued, and there appears to be a light at the end of this long Brexit tunnel, towards the end of 2020.

High-value properties(over £10M ) like those seen in the PCL were hit hardest in the downturn and as a result of Brexit, but are also first to see positive movement when buyers regain their confidence.

Most investors don't have the £10M+ to risk on a single property, but buying into a property investments is much more affordable and less risky due to risk diversity. With property investment carefully chosen by HULT Private Capital, multiple properties can be purchased by experienced real estate professionals who know how to recognise the best deals. Investors can have 1st legal charge over the assets they select as well as opportunities.

For more information about HULT Private Capital's Click HERE

Media Relations
HULT Private Capital
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The combination of Velodyne’s lidar technology with our unique pre-processing software engine makes building applications for 3D lidar easier than ever!”

— Raul Bravo, President and co-founder of Outsight

PARIS, FRANCE, January 15, 2021 / — Outsight, specialist in 3D spatial intelligence, and Velodyne Lidar, Inc. (Nasdaq: VLDR, VLDRW), provider of intelligent lidar solutions, today announced they have strengthened their collaboration by developing technologies key for smart cities and smart machines, including mobile robots and autonomous vehicles. This initiative builds on the companies’ partnership, announced in June 2020, to improve the analysis and management of people flow and assets in large crowded environments.

In just a few months, Outsight has grown rapidly by integrating new features into its Velodyne lidar-based processing solutions that enable systems to perceive, understand and interact with their surroundings in real time. To facilitate user adoption of these solutions, Outsight and Velodyne have strengthened their collaboration. With a new generation of software pre-processing engine, connected to Velodyne’s sensors, Outsight offers a unique level of simplicity, cost, efficiency and versatility.

Outsight has developed its drivers and interfaces with Velodyne’s lidar sensors for their combination of high-resolution 3D perception, long range and broad vertical field of view. Outsight is using Velodyne’s surround-view portfolio, including Alpha Prime™, Ultra Puck™, Puck™ and HDL-32E, which allow machines to operate autonomously and safely in diverse environments, without human intervention. Outsight’s 3D pre-processing engine with Velodyne lidar sensors can be used in several fields including logistics, agriculture, construction, public safety, and waste retrieval.

The strengthened partnership between the companies follows the successful deployment of Outsight’s technology at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport of the ADP group to provide accurate real-time monitoring of people flow while preserving private data.

According to Raul Bravo, President and co-founder of Outsight, "Our partnership with Velodyne has enabled us to step up and expand our application of lidar technology. The combination of Velodyne’s lidar technology with our unique pre-processing software engine makes building applications for 3D lidar easier than ever. Our common customers, integrators and solution providers, can then accelerate time to market while decreasing product development costs.”

According to Matthias Krause, General Manager of DGWorld, “Our strategic alliance and partnership with Outsight and Velodyne Lidar has proven its strength and accelerated our own product development to become a game changer for many industries. We are excited to see how our cooperation will continue to change the way of how mobile robots predict and interact with their environment, leading the next industrial revolution.”

Award-Winning Technology

In less than a year, Outsight has successfully designed and industrialized this new generation of lidar processing solutions, which has been the subject of 60 patent applications.

Outsight innovation won many awards, including the prestigious Best of CES Innovation Award in Las Vegas as it’s the youngest company ever to have won the Prism Award by the world leaders in photonics and lasers. Outsight has already attracted the largest organizations and equipment manufacturers in the automotive, aeronautics and security-surveillance markets, including Faurecia and Safran.

Velodyne has also achieved many notable awards, including a Best of What’s New award in 2020 from Popular Science, a 2020 Innovation Award from Silicon Valley Robotics and Hardware Supplier of the Year at the 2020 TU-Automotive awards.

Today, as lidar technology matures, partnerships such as the one between Outsight and Velodyne are important to promote the use and the massive adoption of these new technologies.

About Outsight
Outsight develops real-time 3D LiDAR perception solutions.

Our mission is to make LiDAR-based Spatial Intelligence become Plug & Play, so it can be used by so it can be used by application developers, in any market. Using any LiDAR with our pre-processing capabilities allows Smart Machines and Smart Cities to achieve an unprecedented level of understanding of their environment.

We believe that accelerating the adoption of LiDAR technology with easy-to-use and scalable pre-processing will highly contribute to create transformative solutions and products that will make a Smarter and Safer World.

About Velodyne Lidar
Velodyne Lidar (Nasdaq: VLDR, VLDRW) ushered in a new era of autonomous technology with the invention of real-time surround view lidar sensors. Velodyne is the first public pure-play lidar company and is known worldwide for its broad portfolio of breakthrough lidar technologies. Velodyne’s revolutionary sensor and software solutions provide flexibility, quality and performance to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including autonomous vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), smart cities and security. Through continuous innovation, Velodyne strives to transform lives and communities by advancing safer mobility for all.

# # #
Media Contact for Velodyne
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Outsight Press Contact
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Sophie Renard +33 (0)6 82 80 61 97 –
Ilinca Spita +33 (0)6 64 75 12 98 – (EN)
Sasha Rolland +33 (0)6 47 77 36 53 – (EN)

Forward Looking Statements
This press release contains "forward looking statements" within the meaning of the "safe harbor" provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 including, without limitation, all statements other than historical fact and include, without limitation, statements regarding Velodyne’s target markets, new products, development efforts, competition. When used in this press release, the words "estimates," "projected," "expects," "anticipates," "forecasts," "plans," "intends," "believes," "seeks," "may," "will," "should," "future," "propose" and variations of these words or similar expressions (or the negative versions of such words or expressions) are intended to identify forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance, conditions or results and involve a number of known and unknown risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other important factors, many of which are outside Velodyne's control, that could cause actual results or outcomes to differ materially from those discussed in the forward-looking statements. Important factors, among others, that may affect actual results or outcomes include Velodyne's ability to manage growth; Velodyne's ability to execute its business plan; uncertainties related to the ability of Velodyne's customers to commercialize their products and the ultimate market acceptance of these products; the uncertain impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Velodyne's and its customers' businesses; uncertainties related to Velodyne's estimates of the size of the markets for its

Jean-François Kitten
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Kitchen Trends in 2021

These trends for kitchens in 2021 may be the most suitable updates for your kitchen now.

YARDLEY, PA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2021 / — Trends come and go, especially in the world of interior design. Some fade away forever while others make a resurgence or even stand the test of time and changing tastes. The outlook for kitchen design trends is looking more eco-friendly and functional than ever before without sacrificing design or aesthetics. Many of these trends go back to the roots of interior design to incorporate the classic and timeless looks that never go out of style, yet they still retain the sleek and modern touches that bring the whole design into the 21st century. The new wave of kitchen design brings together the best of art history and classic architecture like the Arts and Crafts movement and Art Deco, as well as incorporates the styles found in vintage and retro design. If a kitchen remodel is in the near future, be sure to keep these design trends in mind. Researching kitchen remodeling ideas will also aid your design process.

1. Dark and moody color schemes

All-white kitchens will always be in style, as they can make the whole kitchen appear larger and more spacious, but often times the white color scheme can be boring and uninspired. This may be the reason why more interior designers are embracing more dramatic, darker colors like navy blue, charcoal, and even black. When paired well with pops of brighter and airier colors, the whole design can be softened and seem less menacing.

2. Uniformity and Visual Continuity

Overall appearance is a very important factor to consider, as any clashing elements may leave an undesirable look. It may be fitting to purchase the same appliances or to paint cabinets, islands, and furniture all the same color. This will bring the whole design together into a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing space that is free from distracting colors or textures.

3. Sleek Metals

Nothing says “modern” quite like the look of real metal furniture or furnishings. This minimalist design aspect features both durability and simplicity that never goes out of style. Gold or brass finishes can also bring a much needed shine to your kitchen.

4. Integrated Storage

It may seem odd to leave kitchenware out for all to see, as many people stress the need for storage for their beloved pots, pans, and bowls to keep them out of sight. But part of the joy of having a kitchen is showing pride in your tools. Having aesthetically-pleasing kitchenware sitting on open shelves can help open up your kitchen while also allowing your kitchen tools to act as accents or design pieces. No longer do you have to fight for storage to hide your valuable cookware and instead they can be put on display for all to see.

5. Statement Backsplashes

In addition to minimalist color schemes such as white or black, the skillful use of color and patterning in backsplashes may bring a touch of personality to your kitchen without sacrificing uniformity or simplicity. Playing with patterns, tile shapes, and colors helps you indulge in your creative side with a relatively low chance of going overboard with the design. A tightly patterned backsplash with narrow grout lines will also help not to overwhelm the eyes if the repetitive patterns seem too harsh or complicated.

6. Creative Countertops

Quartz countertops as well as marble are trending at the moment. Their refined simplicity can often be used to add a sort of maturity to your kitchen. However, these are not the only countertops that you are limited to, as there has been a rise in the purchase of other natural stone surfaces as well as reclaimed wood and butcher block countertops, which add a rustic farmhouse flair to your kitchen.

7. Vintage and Retro

Often times, it is helpful to look back at designs of the past and use those as a source for inspiration. This is why people furnish their homes with antique, vintage, or retro pieces. The kitchen is no stranger to this practice, and often times the addition of these classic pieces can bring an air of nostalgia or even complement the more modern amenities.

If you are considering a kitchen remodel in Bucks County or surrounding areas in Pennsylvania, be sure to do thorough research, as using the right kitchen remodeling company can make a world of a difference. A specialized kitchen remodeling contractor may be the best option for you, as that company focuses almost completely on kitchen renovations. Whichever company you choose, keep these trends in mind when moving forward with your design process.

Craig sanford
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How to Clean Stucco

Stucco has many benefits, but just like other forms of siding, it needs regular cleaning to keep it looking its best. Learn how to properly care for stucco.

MORRISVILLE, PA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2021 / — The exterior of your home is an important point to consider, as during resale many home-buyers will immediately be influenced by the house’s curb-appeal. Many traditional sidings such as brick or vinyl fit certain houses perfectly, but often times stucco can prove to be the superior fit for your home. It has the potential to add an earthy warmth and Mediterranean flair to any home while simultaneously adding to the home’s overall value. The beauty of stucco is that the textures and colors can vary greatly and the end result can be as smooth or as textured as you like. Nowadays this exterior style is no longer limited to arid climates found in the Southwest regions of the United States, so now many homeowners in varying climates are capable of owning a home sided with stucco.

Though stucco can potentially increase a home’s aesthetic and monetary value, there are some things to consider when thinking of making the switch to stucco. Many homes require an annual examination for cracks or other irregularities as well as a thorough cleaning – stucco is no different from its counterparts in this sense. However, the very-textured stucco may require multiple cleanings every year to maintain its desired look. The buildup of mildew, dust, and dirt can find its way into all the delicate textured crevices the beautiful stucco is known for. The upkeep may be a bit more demanding than that of brick or vinyl siding, as it requires regular, gentle cleanings. Regardless, you may find the effort to be worth it.

Before doing any cleaning, it is crucial to examine for any cracks, however non-threatening, and to fill them and allow for adequate drying time. This step is important, as stucco is very porous. Any water that seeps into cracks could potentially lead to structural damage. In addition to this, it may be helpful to consider a professional cleaning if you are uncomfortable with cleaning it yourself. Regardless, the cleaning itself is not difficult, and doing it yourself, while time-consuming, is more cost-effective and the materials needed are probably already on-hand.

The first thing you must do is a preliminary rinsing with a regular garden hose, spraying from top to bottom to ensure that the dirty water works its way down off of the surface.

Next, you can use a pressure washer or the jet setting on the hose attachment. Set it to the fan shape, and again rinse from top to bottom, making sure to keep the water at a 45 degree angle and about 24 inches from the surface. Stucco is very delicate and brittle, so maintaining a proper distance from the wall will ensure that the stucco will not chip or be damaged in any way.

For the more caked-on and built up dirt and mildew, it may be beneficial to buy special products for stucco cleaning , such as detergent or a mixture of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water, using a pump sprayer attachment for your hose. Otherwise, you can scrub the stucco with a soft bristle brush using a product for rust or mildew removal. Use whichever process seems most fitting when considering the state of your stucco.

After scrubbing the stucco, make sure to give the wall a thorough final rinse to make sure all dust, dirt, or grime is washed away. Again rinse from top to bottom, making sure to rid the surface of dirty water so that it is not absorbed into the stucco, as the surface is very porous.

The process of cleaning stucco may be time-consuming, but it is well-worth it considering the advantages of this form of siding. With regular cleanings, the job can be less intense or strenuous and even a form of stress relief, as taking the time to care for your property can bring joy to you as the owner. Stucco may need a bit more upkeep than its counterparts, but this should not completely discourage you from owning a home with stucco. It has many advantages as well as a unique look that can set your house apart from others in the neighborhood.

If you are looking for a change and seem swayed by the benefits of stucco, maybe it's time for some exterior remodeling. For stucco siding installation, it would be best to seek out a local roofing and siding company. An exterior contractor in Bucks County, PA or surrounding areas would love to help you on your next big project.

Craig sanford
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Getting Creative with Backsplashes

Backsplashes can add a lot of personality to your kitchen. Learn how to take advantage of this aspect of your kitchen.

LEVITTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2021 / — Backsplashes come in many shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. They can bring personality to your kitchen and complement the amenities and furnishings of your home. Often times, stepping outside the box and creatively placing your backsplash tiles can add a whole new level of visual quality to your kitchen. Not only is your backsplash there to protect your walls from the day-to-day functions and messes in the kitchen, it can also enhance the look of your kitchen as well. This is a relatively easy install for any kitchen remodeling contractor as well as an update that won't completely break the bank. If you are considering this sort of update, a kitchen remodel consultation could clear the air about the project and cost quite a bit.

One way to step up your backsplash game is to use accent colors to your advantage. Try varying color combinations like complementary (i.e red-green, blue-orange, yellow-purple), analogous ( i.e., red, orange, yellow; green, blue, purple), or monochrome (shades of one hue) color schemes, depending on the desired impact. There are various combinations that may add to your kitchen’s general theme or tone, and playing with color is one way to figure out which scheme would work best.

In addition to this, it is also helpful to think of textures as well. Backsplashes can range from smooth slabs or tiles to rough natural stone or reclaimed wood. It all depends upon personal preference, as certain surfaces may require more upkeep and cleaning than others. Not all backsplashes are the same, so consider using more than just ceramic tiles. For example, ceramic backsplash alternatives include tempered glass, quartz, marble, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, or travertine.

The way a tile is laid is another important factor to consider. Often times, while safe and easy to install horizontal tiles, it can be more visually interesting to play with the orientation of the tiles. They can be placed vertically or even diagonally, and can be used to create a chevron or herringbone pattern. Mixing up shapes and sizes and even staggering the design can increase compositional interest. You can mix and match shapes (squares, rectangles, hexagons, diamonds) if planning ahead the design isn’t too advantageous for you.

A backsplash can be turned into a piece of art and an accent piece. Playing with patterns on the tiles themselves can be an interesting way to give your kitchen a more dynamic feel. Rotating the tiles with various patterns and colors on them may help achieve a look of modern art akin to the cubism art movement. Many shapes and patterns can also be used to achieve an Art Deco look. Whichever preferences you have or whichever style your kitchen adheres to, backsplashes can surely help tie the whole design together. It may also be helpful to consider current design trends as well as researching timeless trends when deciding which styles to go with.

If interior design doesn’t come easily to you, it may be helpful to seek out additional help from a professional. But don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do what you think would look best for your kitchen. A project like a kitchen remodel can be a hassle, and finding the right general contractor in PA or NJ can be just as difficult. But with the right company, the job can be a lot less stressful and your kitchen remodel in PA or NJ can be done in a professional and timely manner.

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The Deck Builders of Kansas City Urge Homeowners to Take Advantage of Their VIRTUAL Estimates for Deck Services

The Deck Builders of Kansas City Logo

The Deck Builders of Kansas City Logo

deck building project kansas city mo

Deck Built in Kansas City MO

Worker Leveling a Deck in Kansas City MO

Worker Leveling a Deck

During the time of COVID-19, we have chosen to provide essential virtual & contactless options for home and business owners at The Deck Builders of Kansas City.

KANSAS CITY, MO, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2021 / —
The Deck Builders of Kansas City want local residents to know that despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, they are still making it possible for people to get their deck installation, deck repair, and deck restoration in Kansas City, MO. The deck contractors have spent time learning the proper safety guidelines, including social distancing, face masking, and limiting contact between their employees and the customers they serve.

Through the new virtual estimates for deck services, there are no safety risks or cause for concern of contracting or spreading the coronavirus. The Kansas City Deck Builders team quickly developed a method for doing completely virtual, no-contact estimates to give their customers peace of mind and keep their employees healthy at the same time.

The deck building company owner and operator Dustin stated recently, "We love what we do, and we value our customers. Like most home contracting businesses, when COVID-19 hit, we were a bit confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed with where to turn next. We weren't considering shutting down as an option. Adjustments had to be made, and we did it as fast as we could. Now we're ready to go full force with all of our deck services in Kansas City again."

How can you get a virtual estimate on a deck service without having a deck builder in Kansas City, MO, on your property? They have it figured out. All you have to do is follow the same procedures that they usually implement for obtaining one of their free initial quotes. That means jumping on their user-friendly website, calling, emailing, or even texting to request an appointment. The customer care team will set up the consultation as if it were happening in person. When the appointment time comes, all customers have to do is have their smart device ready to go.

A qualified deck builder in Kansas City, MO, will pop into the meeting and walk homeowners through every step for their necessary deck repair, deck restoration, or other deck service needs. There will be instructions given before the consultation for obtaining things like a measuring tape, flashlight, or any other tools required for taking accurate dimensions and further details.

"We know this isn't the ideal way to do deck service estimates, but it's how it has to be right now. We understand some of our customers aren't physically able to do the measuring and other inspections required to get the specifications we need. In those situations, we are more than willing to make other arrangements," a dedicated deck builder in Kansas City, MO, from the company said.

When health is the number one concern, The Kansas City Deck Builders want to ensure everyone that they aren't going to cut corners. If a virtual estimate isn't feasible, they can still provide their high-quality deck services, but it may take a few extra steps. The on-site evaluation will be done, but the property owner will either be asked to stay inside or not be at the location at all. The deck builder in Kansas City, MO, will come and do what's required and then leave without actually discussing anything with the client.

The estimate will be shared through a phone conversation or text chat. After the customer approves the deck repair or deck restoration in Kansas City, MO, a time will be established to execute the project. Again, the same no-contact, socially distant, and personal protection guidelines will be followed. This Kansas City deck company is family owned and operated. They care just as much about the customers they serve as their own loved ones, and they have a reputation for being the most honest and considerate group of deck contractors around.

With the spring season approaching, The Deck Builders of Kansas City are urging those interested in taking advantage of their superior deck services to get in touch with them soon. The schedule is expected to fill up quickly, and they want everyone to get exactly what they are looking for. Getting outdoors to entertain and relax will be more critical than ever when the weather permits it. The Deck Builders of Kansas City are excited to help extend those entertaining and living areas for as many people as possible.

To learn more about the safe and accurate, free virtual estimates for deck services in Kansas City, MO, being offered by The Deck Builders of Kansas City, visit their website to review all the possibilities. You can also call (816) 844-6949 to speak with a friendly representative Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

About The Deck Builders of Kansas City

The Deck Builders of Kansas City is a locally owned and operated deck company that's been in operation in the local Missouri areas for years. They have a team of highly-trained, qualified, and respectful deck builders ready to provide all homeowners with excellence in every deck service requested. The crew can build a brand new deck from the ground up or provide deck repair or deck restoration that makes the current construction look brand new again. Along with deck services, The Deck Builders of Kansas City also manages repairs, building, and restorations of sunporches, patios, and pergolas. The modern methods are cost-efficient, and all deck building products used are of the highest quality. Ask about the warranty coverage and 100% satisfaction guarantee when calling for a virtual or on-site estimate at your convenience.

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Roofing Industry Trends for 2021: What's Hot on the Market – From New Solar Products to Sustainability

The Rhode Island Roofers Logo

The Rhode Island Roofers Logo

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Our Roofers in RI

The Rhode Island Roofers are at the forefront of the roofing industry bringing expertise and projections for the year 2021 in the roofing and solar industries.

PROVIDENCE, RI, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2021 / — The Rhode Island Roofers are excited to announce to valued residential roofing and commercial roofing customers the roofing trends expected to hit the industry throughout 2021.

The GAF master elite certified roofing professionals have dedicated their time and energy to learning, researching, and implementing these advancements, and now is the time to execute it all across the region. The company encourages those interested in discovering more about what's available to contact them for a complimentary consultation today.

"We care number one about providing our clients with the latest roofing trends and improvements as soon as they hit the market. We know that everything from eco-friendly roofing to recycled roofing tiles changes rapidly within the industry, and it's our job to stay on top of the developments. With a somewhat slow season last year due to state-wide lockdowns, we hunkered down and did all the required training to be at the top of our game for 2021," was stated by the proud owner and operator of The Rhode Island Roofers.

Green energy and solar panels have been a trend for many years, and it's expected they will continue on the upward trajectory. Relatively new to the industry are solar tiles in Rhode Island. These are different from the large solar panels but offer added visual appeal by being implemented directly into the roofing shingles. People are passionate about saving money and protecting the planet. With solar tiles added to roofing systems, customers attain complete financial freedom from monthly utility bills. It's also how fewer fossil fuels get burned and emitted into the atmosphere. It simultaneously cuts down on pollution and preserves the ozone.

Recycled roofing tiles in Rhode Island are another method of using eco-friendly ways to protect structures of all shapes and sizes. The roofing trend has been around for several years, but it's one that can be expected to continue to grow throughout 2021 and beyond. Recycled roofing tiles are a combination of plastic, sand, and a colorant. The mixture goes through cycles of blending and mixing before being shaped into roof tiles and cooled. They are environmentally safe, durable, and have a life expectancy longer than that of metal roofing. Recycled roof types are shockproof, do not absorb moisture, and are simple to clean. Many are turning to this roofing trend because of the low-maintenance and reasonable price point. The Rhode Island Roofers are learning about recycled roofing tiles each day. They are prepared to do roof installations for anyone interested in an eco-friendly roofing replacement or new roof construction completed.

Finally, an update in 2021 The Rhode Island Roofers has been updating themselves on are roofing color trends for Rhode Island. So many think of roofing shingles and go for basic black, brown, or grey hues. However, the color selected for a roof installation can significantly impact curb appeal and home value. At the top of the list for roofing color trends in Rhode Island for 2021 are light and soft greens, beige and off white, light and pale blues, and light brown and taupe. Deciding what color roof shingle goes best with a structure depends on the siding and other exterior feature shades implemented. For example, darker roofs are suggested for red buildings, while white houses create the most significant aesthetic appeal with primary colors like green, red, or blue.

One of the GAF Master Elite certified roofing contractors stated, "The only way to know what roofing color trend in Rhode Island will be most suitable is by making an appointment for a complimentary consultation. We are trained in both roofing services and design, and we love going over the plethora of options with our customers. Many are surprised at just how many selections are available, making it equally enjoyable for them and us. Not only that, but it's an excellent way to build a relationship with our clientele. They get to know us, and we form a mutual trust that's essential to have the most stress-free and desirable experience for what can otherwise seem daunting and overwhelming."

Eco-friendly roofing, solar tiles, and recycled roofing tiles are just a fraction of the trends that The Rhode Island Roofers have studied to this point. Watch for more roofing color trends, green roofs, and metal roofing progressions in the coming months through The Rhode Island Roofers.

To find out about the roofing industry trends in 2021, you're encouraged to explore The Rhode Island Roofers user-friendly website at Here you are able to research everything from roofing services to roof materials, and you can request a free estimate for what you're looking to have accomplished. A friendly and knowledgeable representative is reachable by calling (401) 496-9491 or emailing

About The Rhode Island Roofers

The Rhode Island Roofers is a locally owned and operated roofing company based in Providence, Rhode Island. The business employs the most experienced GAF Master Elite certified roofing contractors in the region. Only the top 2% of roofing contractors obtain this certification, and there are several prepared to offer their services to homeowners and business owners alike in various ways. They are family owned and operated, giving each customer personal attention and dedication for projects of all sizes. The roofing professionals have partnered with the most popular, respected, and affordable manufacturers for all roofing materials from asphalt shingles to metal roofing products and more. Everything completed comes with a warranty on both the materials used and the labor provided. Customer satisfaction is number one, and 100% guaranteed. Free consultations are always available over the phone, on-site, or virtually with no-contact options being extended now as well. Call to speak with a roofing contractor to learn more.

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