CAMI Continues to Expand, Opens Applications for its 3rd Urban Air Policy Collaborative (UAPC) Cohort

Community Air Mobility Initiative logo: blue circle with skyline, upwards arrow, and CAMI

Community Air Mobility Initiative logo

The Community Air Policy Initiative continues to emerge as the preeminent voice educating and empowering state & local decision makers in Advanced Air Mobility

SEATTLE, WA, USA, June 30, 2021 / — The Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI) celebrated the conclusion of its second Urban Air Policy Collaborative (UAPC) Cohort in June after nine deep-dive educational sessions spanning five months. Topics covered included fundamentals of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), including both regional and urban air mobility (RAM / UAM), eVTOL aircraft information, social equity considerations, integration of AAM with existing transportation, community and environmental impacts, and planning for AAM.

Fred Judson, UAS Director at the Ohio UAS Center, participated in the most recent cohort and had the following to say about their experience: “The Ohio UAS Center has gained practical and insightful information as being part of the CAMI [UAPC] Cohort for the benefits and challenges in building and enhancing a true three-dimensional transportation system called advanced air mobility. We look forward to continued collaborative efforts with CAMI and supporting DriveOhio’s FlyOhio AAM incentives through NASA’s AAM Community Planning and Integration Annex in support of the NASA AAM National Campaign.”

The next UAPC cohort will convene in September 2021. Applications from jurisdictions that are interested in participating are encouraged to apply through August 15, 2021 by emailing UAPC Cohorts are open to public agencies that are interested in advanced air mobility. Past cohorts have included staff from departments of transportation, aviation divisions, cities, counties, tribes, states, airports, and transit authorities. More details on admission and the curriculum are available at

In addition to congratulating the latest UAPC cohort graduates, CAMI would like to welcome its newest member, NUAIR. Tim Lawton, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for NUAIR stated: “NUAIR is actively involved with both the FAA and NASA on meaningful projects to shape future aviation, including the development of high-density vertiport operations, as part of NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility initiative. We joined CAMI to help bridge the gap between federal and local AAM initiatives, share our expertise in advanced unmanned aircraft operations and educate the general public on the latest AAM advancements.”

CAMI also welcomes its newest Expert Contributor: Chris Sequeira, Founder and Principal, CJSC LLC, has helped create and refine some of the most important environmental policies, guidance, and analysis tools in United States Aviation. During his time at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Chris developed a number of key community engagement and environmental impact tools and subsequently has gained extensive experience providing environmental analysis and community engagement services to airports of all sizes, including major hub airports. CAMI welcomes Chris, his expertise, and his passion for environmental justice in AAM integration to the team.

Also welcomed to the CAMI team are Alex Hall and Audrey Covert. Alex is a long time CAMI Expert Contributor with extensive AAM operational experience; she will be expanding her level of involvement with the CAMI team, working to build new content and expand member benefits. Audrey is a PhD student in Dublin, Ireland, and has years of experience in event organization, communications, and organizational administration. Audrey is supporting the CAMI team with a variety of initiatives.

CAMI Co-Founders Executive Director Yolanka Wulff, and Director of Industry and Strategy, Anna Mracek Dietrich, are excited to see the organization emerge as the preeminent voice educating and empowering state and local decision makers. “Well-informed, thoughtful plans on how to integrate AAM into our existing transportation landscapes will go a long way to ensuring that this new industry has the maximum possible benefit for the maximum number of people,” said Yolanka, “We’re excited to see this message being so well-received by a growing group of individuals, organizations, and jurisdictions.”

About CAMI: The nonprofit Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI) was founded in July 2019 to support the responsible integration of urban air mobility into communities through education, communication and collaboration. CAMI connects communities and industry by providing resources and education to the decision makers, the public and the media at the state and local level. CAMI is supported by its members, which includes a broad spectrum of stakeholders, and through its programs. For more information on membership or participating in a future cohort, visit or email

Yolanka Wulff
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Tower 16 Capital Partners Announces the Sale of IVilla Garden Apartments for $30 Million After a 16-Month Hold Period

apartment building with pool

IVilla Garden Apartments, a 214-unit multifamily project in Phoenix

the outside of an apartment building

IVilla Garden Apartments, a 214-unit multifamily project in Phoenix

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — Tower 16 Capital Partners has sold IVilla Garden Apartments, a 214-unit multifamily project in Phoenix, for $30 million. The property was purchased by Tower 16 in February 2020 for $15.1 million in an off-market transaction. The new buyer is Tides Equities, one of the largest apartment owners in the Phoenix market, who is planning to further renovate and improve the property during its ownership.

“We made significant improvements to the IVilla Garden project during our ownership,” said Tower 16 Co-Founder Tyler Pruett. “That allowed us to achieve our business plan very quickly. Despite this sale, we plan on re-investing in multifamily properties throughout the Phoenix market over the next several years as we continue to see a positive supply/demand relationship in the region.”

IVilla Garden Apartments is a 214-unit apartment community located at 2634 N. 51st Avenue in Phoenix. The property is in the Westside submarket of Maricopa County, less than eight miles from downtown Phoenix. This location is conveniently located near the I-10 the I-60 and the I-17 freeways, allowing quick access to downtown Phoenix and other parts of Maricopa County. The project was built in 1981 and consists of 11 buildings situated on 2.4 acres. Common area amenities include gated access, two pools, laundry facilities, a central park, barbeques, a playground and dog park. The project includes both studio and one-bedroom units including fully equipped kitchens with stove/ovens, refrigerators, ceiling fans, central heating and air conditioning. Tower 16 spent over $1.9 million in renovations and upgrades to the property during its ownership.

“IVilla Gardens proved to be a great project for not only Tower 16 but for our investors and, most importantly, our residents of the community,” said Tower 16 Co-Founder Mike Farley. “Further, I believe the property will only continue to improve under the new ownership.”

Real estate brokers Jesse Hudson, Bill Hahn and Trevor Koskovich of Northmarq Phoenix advised the Tower 16 on the sale.

About Tower 16 Capital Partners LLC
Tower 16 Capital Partners, LLC is a commercial real estate investment and management company focused on acquiring and managing value-add multifamily properties throughout the Western United States. Headquartered in Encinitas, Calif., Tower 16 was founded by principals Mike Farley and Tyler Pruett who have over 40 years of combined institutional real estate experience with an emphasis on value-add investing. Since its founding in 2017, Tower 16 has acquired 16 multifamily projects totaling close to 4,200 units and representing roughly $670 million of asset value.

Genevieve Anton
Anton Communications
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Composite Repair Specialist CSNRI delivers more than expected to UK Oil Refinery.

AVT EZ Valve being installed

AVT EZ Valve being installed

AVT EZ Valve being installed at a UK refinery 2

AVT EZ Valve being installed at a UK refinery 2

AVT EZ Valve installed at a UK refinery

AVT EZ Valve installed at a UK refinery

A true Critical Infrastructure Solutions Company.

We are delighted we were able to introduce our AVT colleagues to the customer and that the install went so smoothly.”

— CSNRI’s UK Managing Director Sean Connolly

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — CSNRI has been delivering best-in-class composite repair solutions to the oil and gas industry for decades and is now partnering with fellow ClockSpring|NRI companies to offer a range of critical infrastructure solutions to its customers.

CSNRI, AVT (Advanced Valve Technologies) and GeoTree are all part of ClockSpring|NRI. CSNRI specializes in composite repairs, AVT manufacturers insertion valves for the water industry and GeoTree delivers structural strengthening and geopolymer rehabilitation solutions.

Recently, CSNRI colleagues, who had a long-term working partnership with a UK oil refinery, were made aware of an issue with the refinery’s fire suppression system. Vital refurbishment work was required on a 1 million+ gallon sea water storage tank that feeds the system. Refinery engineers realized the valve which should isolate the tank from the remainder of the fire system, was seized and could not be closed.

The operators needed a way to install a valve without shutting off the water supply that the plant relies on for its fire protection. Having worked with CSNRI, they turned to the team for support. CSNRI immediately recommended they use AVT’s insertion valve.

The AVT EZ Valve, a valve which can be installed without the need to shut off the water, has been used widely across the U.K. and U.S. within water authority systems but its installation in industrial applications in the U.K. is, so far, limited.

Once the decision was made that the EZ Valve would be able to resolve the issue, the team at CSNRI contacted their AVT colleagues who would carry out the install, Regional Account Director Jason Taylor, and Engineering Manager Lee Kirkham.

The 8” valve was installed on an exposed carbon steel line in a relatively cramped area. The EZ Valve is installed using a low-profile EM (End Milling) machine which mills a 120o slot across the top of the pipe and enables a resilient wedge gate to be inserted. The millings created, or swarf, is flushed out of the valve during the milling process by the pressure of the water in the pipe, meaning the quality of the water is maintained. This all takes place without the need to shut off the water and the small slot milled also ensures the integrity of the pipe is not affected. Jason and Lee completed the install within just two hours.

CSNRI’s UK Managing Director Sean Connolly said: “CSNRI and AVT deliver very different product ranges but both work within critical infrastructure. We are all aware of the range of products available so when we identified the need for a new valve at one of our customers’ plants, we know the EZ Valve would be the ideal solution. We are delighted we were able to introduce our AVT colleagues to the customer and that the install went so smoothly.”

AVT’s President Harry Gray said: “We’re rightly proud of the EZ Valve and delighted to see our CSNRI colleagues identifying great opportunities for it to assist their long-term clients. We look forward to working with them more in the future.”

AVT has recently released a detailed animation which clearly shows just how innovative insertion valve technology works. View it here:

CSNRI is your best resource for high-performance critical infrastructure solutions. We simplify asset and environmental stewardship and help drive global economies, delivering safe, sustainable composite solutions for the construction, maintenance, and emergency repair of critical infrastructure. Our composite construction and repair solutions have been deployed in 75 countries and include industry standard products such as Clock Spring™, A+ Wrap™, Atlas™, SynthoGlass® XT, ThermoWrap®, and DiamondWrap® composite products.

We support our products with best-in-class design, engineering, testing, and training services to ensure proper installation and optimal performance. Our industry-leading products are easy to install, cost-effective to deploy, and durable for decades.

About AVT
Advanced Valve Technologies (AVT) manufactures comprehensive solutions for the safe and sustainable repair and rehabilitation of critical water and gas infrastructure.
The company is best known for the AVT EZ Valve®, an award-winning inline insertion valve designed for quick and easy installation for emergency water line repair and planned pipeline maintenance, requiring no disruption in service. AVT is part of ClockSpring|NRI.

Larissa Trimoulet
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Ethanol-free gas emerges as PurFuels, a multi-use gasoline benefitting consumers and marine industry

Houston-based performance fuels distributor Hyperfuels announces its newest product to market, PurFuels, commonly referred to as Isobutanol, to the US market. PurFuels is made with Isobutanol, replacing ethanol in the fuel, has the following advantages:
• Low vapor pressure eliminates “vapor-lock” and hard start conditions
• Isobutanol has more energy or btu’s than ethanol so power is noticeably increased
• Marine Gas can be used as a storage fuel as it is not prone to breakdown over time
• Marine Gas does not mix with water and is not “hygroscopic” like ethanol (means it does not attract moisture into the fuel)
• Marine gas can be purchased in regular, midgrade and premium octane.
• Marine Gas is available in gallons, pails, drums, totes and bulk.

Ideal markets to utilize this EPA Reformulated Gasoline (RG) fuel source includes:
• water rescue
• fire & crash rescue
• marinas: consumer boaters/jet ski users
• consumer small engines user
• winter equipment (snowmobiles)

Success with past municipal clients such as the East-coast based Montgomery County Crash Rescue municipality in Rockville, Maryland, who was having issues with their boats not starting in the winter due to gas freezing in tanks, identified a critical market: municipalities. Hyperfuels has secured government contracting eligibility, with help from the University of Houston Procurement Technical Assistance Center, to pursue additional municipality contracts.

Per Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, consumers also reap the benefits of PurFuels. As boat owners, marinas head into summer boating season they need to know that studies conclude that ethanol negatively impacts fuel filters, carburetors and more. In addition, ethanol is hygroscopic, which means it attracts water. When water from condensation forms in a boat’s fuel tank the ethanol attracts and absorbs the condensation, causing engine power issues from water contamination and fuel phase separation.

The timeliness of Hyperfuels introduction of PurFuels with Isobutanol comes as the marine industry focuses on addressing the congressionally-mandated Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) requiring 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel to be blended into the gasoline supply by 2022.

Hyperfuels Marine Gas can be purchased:
• Amazon
• order online at, pickup at Hyperfuels in Houston, TX
• call 281-447-7200 to arrange delivery within United States
• wholesale bulk product (6,000-30,000 gallons) via tank wagons, trailers and railcars, to fit a scale of economy that helps small-medium sized businesses.

Additional tools helpful for understanding more about ethanol free gas include: for a list of where to find ethanol free gas in the United States
• Clean Cities, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy designed to reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sector by advancing the use of alternative fuel vehicles, idle reduction technologies, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel blends, and fuel economy.
• Trade Only Today, daily news for marine trade industry professionals
• National Marine Manufacturers Association-videos, testimonials, research study conclusions and how biofuels are made

About Hyperfuels
Houston, TX based Hyperfuels distributes high performance fuels, lubricants and additives for engines. Since 1998 Hyperfuels has revolutionized the packaged fuel markets by creating a “grab and go” fuel canister with top quality fuels such as Sunoco Racing Fuels, Elf Racing Fuels, Total Energies Lubricants, PurFuels TM, E-Free and SynDiesel. Hyperfuels leads the industry in distribution of ethanol-free fuels (using Isobutanol oxygenate) to marinas, fire and crash rescue operations and small engine users. For more information visit


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Destiny Malibu FREE CONCERT Monday July 5th At 8:30pm-PST at the Village Lake Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, June 30, 2021 / — Freedom to dance
Freedom to sing
Freedom to celebrate our independence!
LIVE and in person Together!

Join Destiny Malibu Monday, July 5th, 2021
8:30pm Pacific and 11:30pm Eastern
For BOTH a Live Free Concert & Livestreaming Event
Instagram handle: DestinyMalibu

The Village Lake Las Vegas
Floating Lake Stage
Address: 20 Costa Di Lago, Henderson, NV 89011

Don’t miss Destiny Malibu performing LIVE on the iconic floating stage at Lake Las Vegas that has been graced by many legends including Andrea Bocelli & Christina Aguilera.

See you there angels July 5th, 2021, Monday evening, to celebrate our freedom & independence TOGETHER in beautiful Lake Las Vegas!

& Join us at The Village Lake Las Vegas year round for concerts, food, shopping and entertainment!


Destiny Malibu
Destiny Malibu
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Destiny Malibu 1 Min Promo Video

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Why is AED training important?

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) training

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) training

Centaur Training

The use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are a critical factor in improving survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

As simple as AEDs are to use, a few hours training is desirable ”

— Rose Watkins

PRESTON, LANCASHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, June 30, 2021 / — Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). A sudden cardiac arrest is when the victim’s heart stops beating, they will collapse, lose consciousness and will stop breathing.

SCAs strike without warning and leave the victim in need of urgent medical intervention. The use of an AED can improve survival rates by 50 to 75%, combined with cardiopulmonary resuscitation and using an AED gives an unresponsive person, who is not breathing, the best possible chance of survival.

New portable AEDs can now be found in prominent places such as leisure centres, post offices, schools, community centres and even converted telephone boxes, to enable people to respond in a SCA medical emergency. The use of AEDs has a dramatic affect in strengthening the chain of survival as they are able to restore a normal heart rhythm prior to the emergency services arriving. Every minute without a defibrillator reduces the chance of survival by 7 to 10%. So, the proliferation of AEDs within communities can most definitely save lives.

An AED is designed for use by non-medical personnel, so even an inexperienced person can operate one accurately and with ease. Models vary slightly but most are similar in appearance, and all have simple easy to follow instructions and prompts. As simple as AEDs are to use, a few hours training is desirable and the more people in the community who can respond to a medical emergency by providing defibrillation quickly and with the confidence training provides, the greater improvements we will see in sudden cardiac arrest survival rates.

If your business, school, club or local community want to ensure they are prepared to help cardiac arrest victims, our Automated External Defibrillator Course will give you the knowledge and confidence you need. On the course you will be shown warning signs to look out for, how to administer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the correct way to use the AED equipment. AED courses can be attended at Centaur’s training facility in Leyland but is also available to be booked by a minimum of 8 people to run at a time and place to suit your needs, whether that is at your company headquarters, the village/community hall or local school. We also run a wide scope of First Aid courses, some of which are available in a e-learning format.

Don Fryer
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Aquatech Waterproofing Solutions: Leading Basement Waterproofing Company Throughout the Greater Toronto Area

 Basement waterproofing Toronto, Exterior waterproofing Toronto, Wet Basement Solutions, Toronto Basement waterproofing, Leaky Basement Toronto

Aquatech skilled specialists providing their best service for basement waterproofing Toronto

In all of Ontario's major cities, Aquatech Basement waterproofing Toronto provides complete waterproofing solutions.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, June 30, 2021 / — Standing water in your yard or water in your home might cause significant concerns. When looking for waterproofing services for your home, there are numerous variables to consider. In all of Ontario's major cities, Aquatech Basement waterproofing Toronto provides complete waterproofing solutions. We're working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to make sure we handle all of your water-related issues. We understand that every home is unique and may necessitate a unique solution. Our skilled specialists will assist you in troubleshooting your problem and ensuring that your house is safe.

At Aquatech Exterior waterproofing Toronto, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality waterproofing services. Our 25-year warranty covers thoroughly inspect all of our services and is entirely transferrable. You won't have to worry about anything because we are fully bonded and insured, regardless of the service we provide. Whether you need to remove water from your home, fix your foundation, or improve your yard's drainage system, Aquatech can help. The following is a comprehensive list of the services we supplied.

Any Size Hole or Fracture Might Allow Water to Enter Your Home

Because the dirt may disguise the fissures, you may not even know that they exist. As a result, it's critical to hire a professional outside wet basement solutions contractor to keep the water out of your home. Aquatech locates all water sources entering your home and takes all required steps to ensure that your home remains dry. We can help prevent water from ever seeping into your basement again by correcting foundation cracks and providing proper exterior drainage services that avoid standing water.

Preventing leaks is a great way to extend the life and value of your property. As a result, we provide the best Toronto basement waterproofing. When you contact us for internal waterproofing solutions, we thoroughly inspect your basement and foundation for any leaky spots. After that, we seal your walls and foundation, making sure to hide every hole and crack. Interior waterproofing should be done as soon as moisture is detected. Don't wait until your basement is flooded before taking action. If you don't seal your walls and foundation, you risk letting water into your home, leading to mould and other problems.

It Doesn't Matter How Well You Look after Your Sump Pump If It Doesn't Have Power

Your sump pump will cease working if your electricity goes out during a significant storm, putting your basement at risk of flooding. As a result, we can assist you with sump pump battery backup options. You won't have to worry about your sump pump keeping the water out of your basement while you're asleep or on vacation if you have a properly installed battery backup.

Preventing leaks into your home can assist in extending its life and improve its quality. As a result, we provide the best interior waterproofing services in Toronto. When you contact us for internal waterproofing solutions, we thoroughly inspect your basement and foundation for any leaky spots.

· After that, we seal your walls and foundation, making sure to hide every hole and crack. Interior waterproofing should be done as soon as moisture is detected.
· Don't wait until your basement is flooded before taking action. If you don't seal your walls and foundation, you risk letting water into your home, leading to mould and other problems.
· Water can enter your basement in a variety of ways, causing significant damage to your property.
· If you find water stains on your walls, you may require window well installation to prevent water from entering your home.

Our specialists will examine your home and yard to identify where a window well is required so that water can accumulate and drain correctly outdoors rather than into your home. By minimizing standing water on your window frames, window well installation can also preserve your basement windows in good shape.

Your Home's Strength Comes from Its Base

Although you probably don't give your foundation much thought, it is one of the essential elements of your home to maintain. Aquatech Waterproofing is a full-service foundation restoration company. We can patch any cracks in your foundation and prevent water from seeping in.

We recognize that not all foundation repair is created equal. Therefore we only recommend the best options for your property. Our foundation repair services will ensure that your home is water-free and structurally strong.

Because many properties lack effective drainage systems, they are at risk of flooding or exterior water damage. This flooding is especially true for homes with yards that slope towards the house and homes with entirely level yards.

These types of setups expose your yard to standing water, which can wreak havoc on your lawn, foundation, and even the interior of your basement. French drain solutions from Aquatech ensure that water is correctly drained away from your home and not into your basement.

If you have a waterproofing need that isn't covered by our services, give us a call and let us know what's wrong.

Aquatech is available to provide you with services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We all know that difficulties can arise out of nowhere and at the most inconvenient moments. You may always rely on us to assist you in finding a solution. You can't wait until noon the next day to fix your basement if it's flooded at midnight. That is why we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our entire team of highly qualified and competent specialists has more than a decade of experience in offering the best waterproofing solutions available. When you call Aquatech, you know you're getting the best waterproofing service available.

Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Toronto
Address: 20 Hyde Ave. Toronto, ON M6M 1J3
Call Our Toronto Basement Waterproofing Specialists 24/7:
Phone: 416-300-2191
Toll-Free: 1-866-891-1917

Shai Landau
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Why Families are Hustling to Buy Multigenerational Homes in 2021

Multigenerational Homes - South Florida Palm Beach County

Seaview is one of the largest and most versatile models

Multigenerational Homes in Palm Beach Westlake

More Space & Many Layout Options

Families are teaming up to purchase multigenerational homes in South Florida

WESTLAKE, FL, USA, June 30, 2021 / — One in five Americans are now living in multigenerational homes where two or more adult generations (and often children, too) share a living space.

While not a new concept, the 2020 global pandemic has accelerated interest in multigenerational living well into 2021, and Label & Co.’s Sky Cove and Sky Cove South – of Westlake, new gated communities in Westlake, Florida, offer floor plans for families of all sizes.

The pandemic created many barriers for families spread across multiple households. Many family members went without in-person contact with family members for months at a time due to lockdowns and visiting restrictions. Holiday gatherings and trips to visit relatives were postponed or canceled. In addition, daycare closures created huge challenges for working parents with young children. Economic slowdowns and workplace austerity measures decreased opportunities for recent college graduates entering the workforce, forcing many to move back home or delay their plans to relocate.

These and other hardships are minimized or eliminated by multigenerational living.

Affordable and practical
For many families, multigenerational homes can be affordable and practical. Multigenerational living combines the security of shared expenses and the convenience of built-in quality time with relatives. In fact, research has shown a 30 percent increase in multigenerational living since 2007.

According to a recent article by Michele Lerner in the Washington Post, the National Association of Realtors reported that homes purchased by multigenerational households in the United States rose to 15 percent between April and June 2020. This is the highest percentage of multigenerational home ownership since the association began tracking the statistic in 2012.

Pandemic disruptions accelerated plans for adults to move aging parents into their homes for caregiving or to help with childcare, according to the article. More and more, families are choosing to purchase a home that fits their current way of life, and multigenerational living is well suited to a post-pandemic lifestyle.

Priorities have shifted
A home designed with space to accommodate an aging parent, an adult child experiencing a life transition, or a live-in caregiver for young children, has become a top priority for many buyers.

As multigenerational homes in South Florida become increasingly more popular, homebuilders are responding. Multigenerational homes often feature enlarged community spaces such as oversized kitchens and open living spaces where families can conveniently and comfortably gather.

At Sky Cove South, boutique builder Label & Co. offers several flexible floor plans to suit a variety of situations. For example, the builder’s two-story Seaview and Seaview 5 plans feature master suites on both floors, providing space and privacy for parents and grandparents living together.

Label & Co.’s curated selection of Sky Cove South floor plans include optional dens, lofts and double-master suites to promote multigenerational living.

Sky Cove South is the second gated neighborhood built by Label & Co. in Westlake, Florida. The company’s initial project, Sky Cove, is nearly sold out; Sky Cove South offers another 197 homes with floor plans up to 2,755 square feet.

For more information about new homes in Palm Beach County, visit Sky Cove and Sky Cove South’s website.

More About Sky Cove South
Within the brand-new city of Westlake, Florida, discover Sky Cove South, a gated neighborhood of 197 single-family homes built by award-winning Label & Co. With 8 new, one- and two-story, 3- to 5-bedroom floor plans, three beautiful exterior elevations, incomparable luxury upgrades, and so many ways to personalize your home, Sky Cove South is truly the perfect neighborhood for all kinds of families!

Sky Cove South Temporary Sales Center (at Sky Cove of Westlake)
5568 Starfish Road, Westlake, FL 33470

Open 7 Days from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Directions: Sky Cove South’s Temporary Sales Center is located at Sky Cove. Take Seminole Pratt Whitney Road between Okeechobee Boulevard and Northlake Boulevard. From Seminole Pratt Whitney Road, turn East onto Town Center Parkway North and follow signs to Sky Cove Models.
For more information and appointments visit or call 561-792-3004.

About Label & Co.
The boutique builder with the big-builder pedigree, Label & Co.’s executive team led by Harry L. Posin, the former President of Minto Communities, leverages 30-plus years of experience building over 20,000 residences in South Florida to build incomparable homes for discerning homebuyers. Its under-construction community, Sky Cove of Westlake, is nearly sold out. The recently completed Centra Falls, Centra Falls West and Chapel Grove communities in Pembroke Pines were three of the top-selling townhome communities in Broward County.

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Leader in Commercial and Residential Restoration & Renovation BluSky Celebrates Successful National Safety Month

June is 2021 National Safety Month. BluSky has held training and events, demonstrating its commitment to helping keep employees safe in the workplace.

CENTENNIAL, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — A safer workplace is a smart goal everyone can get behind. National leader in restorations, renovations, and roofing BluSky agrees with this position completely and prides itself on working hard to help make work as safe and rewarding as possible. In that spirit, BluSky recently announced its participation in 2021 National Safety Month, which runs the length of June. This is the 25th year the month is being recognized in the United States and BluSky scheduled a number of events to raise safety awareness on all levels in honor of the important milestone.

“Safety is always a top priority and having National Safety Month gives us a nice reminder to go over important topics with our team,” commented Mike Erekson, BluSky’s COO. “The last year has shown all of us how important is to stay healthy, while we deliver the best quality work possible.”

Some topics covered by the BluSky Restoration’s team for National Safety Month have included how to prevent accidents before they happen; Safety Stand Down as it relates to Covid-19; a look at recent accidents and what can be learned from the experiences; and the month will close with an upcoming all employee safety meeting.

BluSky is a full-service restoration and renovation provider whose services cover the entire United States and Puerto Rico. They specialize in working on properties damaged by storms, water, fires, and other disasters. This has earned the company a remarkably positive reputation, which continues to grow with each completed project. Over 96% of clients say they would be happy to use BluSky again.

C.K., from Ohio, recently said in a five-star review, “BluSky did an amazing job replacing our roof. We give them the highest recommendations!”

For more information and the company’s latest news visit


Media Relations
BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC
+1 800-266-5677
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Two Extraordinary Mansions Along the Storied Gold Coast Up for Auction

Winfield Hall


Winfield Hall Designed by CPH Gilbert

“Winfield Hall” and “Cashelmara” By Order of the Estate of Martin T. Carey

Both Winfield Hall and Cashelmara offer numerous possibilities for those seeking a refined luxurious private estate or commercial investor looking to repurpose the sites.”

— Max Spann Jr, President of Max Spann Real Estate & Auction Co.

GLEN COVE, NY, USA, June 29, 2021 / — Max Spann Real Estate & Auction Co is pleased to announce the Auction sale of “Winfield Hall” the former F.W. Woolworth Estate 47,098+/- sf on 16.4+/- acres and “Cashelmara” a Great Gatsby Era Estate with Panoramic Views of the Long Island Sound. The Estate of Martin T. Carey previously listed for sale “Winfield Hall” for over $19,950,000, and now is guaranteed to sell at or above $7,000,000 and “Cashelmara” for over $14,900,000 and now is guaranteed to sell at or above $5,000,000.

“Winfield Hall” – The 16.4-acre site was originally improved with a Gold Coast Mansion that was built by the famous architect Charles Pierrepont Henry Gilbert, totaling 56 rooms for Dr. Alexander Crombie Humphreys in 1899. After a fire destroyed the house, Frank Winfield Woolworth, founder of 'Woolworths' the iconic international 5 & Dime store chain purchased the site in 1916. CPH Gilbert was once again commissioned, after building The Woolworth Building in NYC, to re-imagine its replacement. The result is the Italian and French Renaissance style 'Winfield Hall', completed in 1917 at 48,000+ square feet (32,098 SF above grade and 16,000 SF below grade). It was considered to be the nation's largest private residence at the time, costing an astronomical $10M to construct. The butterfly marble staircase adorning the grand entrance was valued at $2M when built and is currently estimated at $24M to reproduce. The mansion boasts 56 rooms with monumental era details, 12 bedrooms, 9.5 baths, 2 elevators and 16 marble fireplaces. Prominent auxiliary buildings include the 15,000 square foot Clock Tower building and teahouse. There are dramatic views of the lush grounds from the rooftop and housed just below is the world’s largest Aeolian pipe organ.

F.W. Woolworth died a few years after building this personal monument to his life and 'Winfield Hall’ became the residence of the Reynolds Family, where Reynolds Wrap was invented in the Clock Tower building. In 1976 the property was purchased at auction by Martin T Carey, brother of the former NY State Governor Hugh L. Carey. 'Winfield Hall' hosted a Designer's Showcase in 1977 and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. It was then leased to the Pall Corporation which used the property for 25 years as their corporate headquarters and conference center. It is currently a highly sought-after photo and film location.

“Cashelmara” – Is a Great Gatsby Era Estate situated on 6.4 private acres within the Glen Cove Golf Course with Panoramic Views of Dosoris Pond and the Long Island Sound. The 32,802+/- sf estate was built in 1937 with major remodeling in 2019 and boasts multiple bedrooms, English country tavern room, bowling alley, and indoor 2-court tennis facility. The site has numerous potential uses for corporate retreat, showcase home, residential condominium, high-end catering facility, or hotel.

Originally known as 'Bogheid', was designed by the renowned architects Delano and Aldrich in 1937 for Helen Porter Pryibil daughter of banker William H. Porter, partner of J.P. Morgan. Pryibil retained the mansion and its surrounding 6.4 acres and sold the remaining 120-acre parcel to the City of Glen Cove who converted the land into the municipal golf course it is today. After Pryibil's death in 1969, the property was then sold to Arthur Young Associates, a multinational professional services corporation, which used it as their NY headquarters and conference center. Plans to expand the building were set into motion and the additional foundations are still visible today. In 1977 Martin T. Carey, brother of the former NY Governor Hugh L. Carey, purchased the 32,802 square foot, 3-story property from the City of Glen Cove. The mansion was host to several interior design showcases, a day day-care center and remains a highly desirable location for many film, commercial and print shoots.

“Both Winfield Hall and Cashelmara offer numerous possibilities for those seeking a refined luxurious private estate or commercial investor looking to repurpose the sites.” Said Max Spann Jr, President of Max Spann Real Estate & Auction Co. “It is very rare that properties of these importance are made available to the public marketplace.”

The Auction Date is set for Wednesday, July 14, 2021 and will take place on-line. Bidders can bid on their computers or phone through the Max Spann app. Winfield Hall Property Previews are scheduled for Wednesday, July 7th from 11 am – 1:00 pm. Cashelmara Property Previews are scheduled for Wednesday, July 7th from 1 pm – 3 pm. Call 888-299-1438 or email to be added to the guest list. Private appointments can be arranged through the Max Spann office. Pictures, a video and additional information is available on

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