Getting Creative with Backsplashes

Backsplashes can add a lot of personality to your kitchen. Learn how to take advantage of this aspect of your kitchen.

LEVITTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2021 / — Backsplashes come in many shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. They can bring personality to your kitchen and complement the amenities and furnishings of your home. Often times, stepping outside the box and creatively placing your backsplash tiles can add a whole new level of visual quality to your kitchen. Not only is your backsplash there to protect your walls from the day-to-day functions and messes in the kitchen, it can also enhance the look of your kitchen as well. This is a relatively easy install for any kitchen remodeling contractor as well as an update that won't completely break the bank. If you are considering this sort of update, a kitchen remodel consultation could clear the air about the project and cost quite a bit.

One way to step up your backsplash game is to use accent colors to your advantage. Try varying color combinations like complementary (i.e red-green, blue-orange, yellow-purple), analogous ( i.e., red, orange, yellow; green, blue, purple), or monochrome (shades of one hue) color schemes, depending on the desired impact. There are various combinations that may add to your kitchen’s general theme or tone, and playing with color is one way to figure out which scheme would work best.

In addition to this, it is also helpful to think of textures as well. Backsplashes can range from smooth slabs or tiles to rough natural stone or reclaimed wood. It all depends upon personal preference, as certain surfaces may require more upkeep and cleaning than others. Not all backsplashes are the same, so consider using more than just ceramic tiles. For example, ceramic backsplash alternatives include tempered glass, quartz, marble, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, or travertine.

The way a tile is laid is another important factor to consider. Often times, while safe and easy to install horizontal tiles, it can be more visually interesting to play with the orientation of the tiles. They can be placed vertically or even diagonally, and can be used to create a chevron or herringbone pattern. Mixing up shapes and sizes and even staggering the design can increase compositional interest. You can mix and match shapes (squares, rectangles, hexagons, diamonds) if planning ahead the design isn’t too advantageous for you.

A backsplash can be turned into a piece of art and an accent piece. Playing with patterns on the tiles themselves can be an interesting way to give your kitchen a more dynamic feel. Rotating the tiles with various patterns and colors on them may help achieve a look of modern art akin to the cubism art movement. Many shapes and patterns can also be used to achieve an Art Deco look. Whichever preferences you have or whichever style your kitchen adheres to, backsplashes can surely help tie the whole design together. It may also be helpful to consider current design trends as well as researching timeless trends when deciding which styles to go with.

If interior design doesn’t come easily to you, it may be helpful to seek out additional help from a professional. But don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do what you think would look best for your kitchen. A project like a kitchen remodel can be a hassle, and finding the right general contractor in PA or NJ can be just as difficult. But with the right company, the job can be a lot less stressful and your kitchen remodel in PA or NJ can be done in a professional and timely manner.

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