Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL Discusses AM-Liner East And How Its Transforming Cities Around the Country

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL discusses AM-Liner East and how it is transforming cities around the country.

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dealing with sewer systems has always been a messy job. However, a company out of Berryville, VA, is changing that. Joseph Giuliani, husband of Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL, is the owner of AM-Liner East, a company offering top-quality, full-service rehabilitation to the sewer industry. It's the kind of business that makes major beneficial changes to cities without anyone taking notice.

"Trenchless sewer system rehabilitation is something that drastically affects the lives of citizens without them seeing anything," Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL. "Through state-of-the-art trenchless technologies, we're able to rehabilitate manholes and complete sewer systems without tearing up streets, parks, or buildings. Because of this, people can continue life as normal."

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL explained that AM-Liner East utilizes cured-in-place pipe lining, which has the incredible ability to repair pipes without ever having to do major excavation or construction. Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL added that AM-Liner East has installed more than 3,500,000 linear feet of Premier-Pipe USA and AM-Liner East products around the country. Additionally, the company has performed more than 70,000 vertical feet of manhole rehabilitation.

"Our testimonials and case studies say it all," Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL said. "We were able to repair ancient concrete sewer pipes under the famous Columbus, GA, Riverwalk, without joggers, walkers, and bikers noticing a thing. Through this process, we prevented a huge raw sewage overflow."

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL added that the company recently completed major repairs to the main sewer line of Ocean City, MD. The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget, all while tourists enjoyed their annual vacations without disruption. This project was on the main sewer pipe under 64th street, which carries sewage directly to the city's wastewater treatment plant.

"From military bases to popular beach resorts and historic streets, we've been able to repair underground piping while allowing those above ground to continue life as planned," Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL said.

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL added that AM-Liner East offers a variety of additional services, including CCTV inspection of piping, pipe cleaning, CIPP point repairs, and more. The company focuses on trenchless sewer system and manhole rehabilitation that doesn't require any major construction or excavation, but the experts at AM-Liner East are also able to perform excavation and replacement duties when required.

"No-dig pipeline rehabilitation is fast, affordable, and non-invasive," Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL said. "Citizens and visitors won't even know repairs are being made, which means your city can continue operating as safely and profitably as possible."

Elizabeth Giuliani Sarasota FL recommended contacting AM-Liner East to find out more about their affordable trenchless piping services.

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