McCalin Bros Announces New Bathroom Remodeling Services for the local Bucks County, PA areas!

Bathroom remodeling ideas

Plumbers are the safest choice for your bathroom remodel!

Around the clock plumbing company, McClain Bros. now does bathroom remodeling services for the Philadelphia to Bucks County areas!

MORRISVILLE, PA, US, September 14, 2020 / — When you think of a plumber, you probably think of fixing pipes, unclogging drains, and water heaters. Therefore, it may come as a surprise to know that plumbers can also be called for bathroom remodeling! It makes sense, who else would be better at updating plumbing fixtures than a plumber? Calling a plumber to help with your bathroom remodel is safer, cleaner, cost-effective, and more importantly, puts functionality to the forefront.

McClain Bros, a local Bucks County, PA around the clock plumbing company, announces their new service! They say on their site: "We at McClain Bros. can remodel your bathroom to not only function perfectly but also look amazing! Our licensed and insured contractors are dedicated to building very clean bathrooms with the help of our professionally trained plumbers. They can handle both the necessary plumbing work along with all of the detailed finish work to bring you a very impressive bathroom remodel".

Along with this announcement they offered a few bathroom remodeling ideas to get us all inspired for our next home improvement projects!

1. Low-flow, hidden-tank toilets can be a great option for those who want a modern, sleek look. These models save water with their low-flow system and save space by hiding the tank inside the wall. The only downside is that regular maintenance would be more difficult because the tank wouldn't be as readily available. Be sure to talk to your plumber and remodeler if this option is good for you.
2. Does your bathroom have a poor set up? You may not know why your bathroom was built that way but the good news in that it doesn't have to stay that way. The best reason to use a plumber for your bathroom remodel is that they will be able to safely rearrange your bathroom fixtures to achieve that less awkward layout. Who better to use than an expert in plumbing to not only move your shower, sink, toilet or tub but also keep them fully fuctional too!
3. How often do you really use your tub? If your answer is not often then why not ditch it in your next bathroom remodel? Removing the unused tub from your bathroom will make room for things you really want to be added in during the remodel!
4. A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to also update your plumbing drain pipes! If you have old pipes you can get them replaced and save yourself the worry on when they are going to fail. You can also switch from 1.5-inch pipes to 2-inches. It may not seem like a lot but it greatly improves the drain quality of the bathroom.
5. Get a built-in shower niche for your new shower! There is a lot to fit in any one shower: soaps, shampoos, scrubbers, razors, and so on… Rather than buying and using a clunky shower caddy, consider installing niches. Stylish and simple – its the perfect place to keep your shower supplies where they belong.
6. Installing a window in your shower has great benefits! The hardest part about keeping any bathroom clean is trapped humidity! Although a bathroom fan will help with this, a shower window is a more natural, and multi-functional way to increase ventilation. Let in natural light, fresh air, and increase your home value all in once go with a window in the shower!

So if you are in the Philadelphia, Bucks County, or the surrounding areas – be sure to give McClain Bros. a call for all your around the clock plumbing, and now, bathroom remodeling service needs!

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