Allied Steel Buildings launches new platform, allowing customers to design and buy buildings online

Allied Steel Buildings

Allied Steel Buildings

Allied Master Builder is a 3D steel building designer, allowing customers to create their initial renderings according to their own choices and budget

One of the reasons we developed this 3D platform was to achieve better relationships with our clients. This platform enables customers to design their steel building with real-time pricing”

— Michael Lassner, CEO Allied Steel Buildings

FORT LAUDERDALE , FLORIDA , US , July 2, 2020 / — Have you ever wished that you could design your own building? Well, wish no further as the international company Allied Steel Buildings has launched a new platform that allows customers to design and buy their own buildings. The platform includes many innovative and convenient features that will keep you on top of your budget allocation and help you realize your vision.
Allied Master Builder was developed to empower our clients to actualize their own vision and be the engineers of their own dreams. With over seventeen years of experience, Allied Steel Buildings has always been committed to giving nothing but only the best quality service to our customers. We are constantly striving to reach the highest standards possible. One of the reasons we developed this 3D platform was to enhance our client experience. This platform enables customers to design their steel building with real-time pricing as they add features. – Michael Lassner, CEO Allied Steel Buildings.
Allied Steel Buildings guarantees that your building design meets the local structural building codes in your area by only adding your zip code in the program. Your initial design will be finalized by your project manager and the official blueprint will be released within 48 hours. Their engineering team will provide the certified structural blueprints so you can obtain building permits right away. There is also a money-back guarantee if there happen to be any changes to your plans.

"This platform puts our customers in control, our job is to help them realize their vision. We are also very willing to help customers during the planning stages". Lassner added. "Our experts are always ready and available to give our customers their professional advice on how to design their building and plan their projects. In fact, this program also has a built-in analyzer of our customer’s chosen locations. This innovation enables you to save both resources and time with a 100 percent guarantee of attaining customer satisfaction.”

If you are planning to erect your own steel building, all you have to do is follow these easy steps. First, you need to make your own design depending on what you want and on your budget. Next, your designated project manager will review your building details. The initial scope drawings will be sent to you within 24 hours for your approval. Once approved, engineering will begin on your certified stamped drawings. The project manager and engineering team are always available to guide you through the building details. Allied Master Builder will support you until your project has been completed and you are 100% satisfied. Once final drawings are approved and they have your permission to proceed, they will begin the fabrication. Master Builder building project lead times are typically between 4-6 weeks. Clients don't need to worry about the delivery since it is all free of freight charges.

If you want a hand in designing your own garage, I can imagine that this new platform must be very exciting for you. The great thing about Allied Master Builder is that it gives you full control. Your vision and dreams can now be your reality. Please click on the link above and visit their website and have a browse at all the things this wonderful new innovation has to offer. Their customer service is second to none and once you get a taste of what this platform is all about, I can guarantee that you will be telling all your friends about this new innovation.

Since 2003, Allied Steel Buildings has helped over 4,500 customers realize their steel building dreams with the highest quality standards of building and customer service. Allied Steel Buildings is an experienced partner in delivering thousands of buildings nationally and internationally. Allied Steel Buildings headquarters is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with additional offices in Denver and Washington. They are also an international company, with representation in Panama, Chile & Costa Rica. They have worked on a range of very interesting projects and have built themselves a tremendous reputation over the many years that they have been in business.

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