23-year old entrepreneur delivering excellence in hospitality construction

Gianni Cortes

Gianni Cortes

Construction Specialists

Construction Specialists

The American dream can come true as exemplified by Cortes Construction Inc.’s success in the construction industry.

TAMPA, FLORIDA, U.S., May 27, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Meet Gianni Cortes, the COO of Cortes Construction Inc. a family business based in Florida, United States. The company is performing wonders by constructing or renovating hotels, motels, and other commercial buildings with the utmost consistency all over the world. Their services include designing, building, value engineering, demolition, and complete renovation services for commercial properties such as hotells, restaurants, bars, and more. Cortes Construction has a focus on hotels based on the founders’ four decades worth of experience working in hospitality and hotel construction.

Cortes Construction is a true example of the American dream. The company was started by Gianni Cortes’ father, Giancarlos Cortes in 2004. He immigrated to the U.S. from Chile to pursue martial arts, however found himself becoming highly successful as a hotel engineer within the Holiday Inn chain. His success later led to him to be requested to do construction services for various hotels. This was the turning point of how he decided to start Cortes Construction Inc. Since then, the company has been successful in the U.S.A. and internationally. Now the son, Gianni Cortes, is in charge of operations and keeping the company standards alive while taking the company to a new level.

Cortes Construction Inc. has become a go-to-contractor for commercial construction needs. It is a licensed and insured general contractor based in the state of Florida. Though it works on many commercial projects, it specializes in hotels and has worked on projects ranging from budget motels to resorts such as Waldorf Astorias and Ritz Carltons.

What makes Cortes Construction special is that it does its work perfectly the first time. Some clients have called Cortes the "Clean Up Crew" that cleans up the messes other companies make by not doing projects correctly or meeting quality expectations.

The company is currently working in Orlando, FL on converting a hotel to affordable house. They have just completed a job in Puerto Rico helping a hotel recover from Hurricane Maria by refinishing the entire interior of the hotel including the guestrooms, casino, and kitchen. They also refinished the exterior and helped it become sustainable to the next challenges it may face with waterproofing, special coatings, and window replacement.

Gianni Cortes explained his secret of success at such a young age. He’s only 23 years old. Here is what he had to say:
"I love what I do and love the feeling of a finished product and the looks it puts on people’s faces. The fulfillment of a job well done is incomparable. I only feel right shaping myself to become the best at what I do. But I can’t do it alone. I look after my employees and do my best to ensure they are safe on all our projects. In return, they do the best work they are capable of. If you take care of people and pay attention to the talents and compatibility of each single person they take care of you and you are able to strategically place them as a chess piece. The result of doing so is good quality work, timely project completion, and most importantly project safety and success which pleases our clients and why clients keep coming back to Cortes Construction."

Gianni Cortes has become successful because he maintains strict control over all the projects’ budgets, schedules and quality by doing most of the work inhouse. Cortes Construction never outsources any work because it employs all the project managers, architects, estimators, and consulting engineers who are devoted to handling all projects from start to completion. In addition, all employees are in-house and not subcontracted, so they know the values of the company and work accordingly on every project. Because the company can be the engineer, the architect and the general contractor, it is easy to have a smooth-flowing project dependent on only their selves with all factors controlled under one roof.

No commercial job is too big or too small for Cortes Construction. It has many employees, so it is able to send a small crew to tackle small property improvement tasks and a large crew to handle large construction projects. Best of all, quality, budgetary control and time management remain their strictest expectation, whether they work on large or small projects. Flexibility and focus on quality have made the company the go-to building contractor in the United States and abroad.

Success depends on leadership, and Cortes Construction Inc. has the right leader in Gianni Cortes, who is keen to maintain his father’s vision and take the company to new heights. (Visit their website here)

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