Top Five Reasons Short-term Rental Properties Are An Investor’s Dream

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Airbnb,VRBO, are all platforms used for short term rentals, Today's investors are more interested than ever. But very few want to invest the time.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, March 30, 2020 / — Traditional residential real estate investments have been an investor favorite for a long time now. However, short-term and corporate housing rental properties have been growing in popularity in just the past couple of years.

Recently companies like Georgia-based Mt. Royal Homes, previously Mt. Royal Vacations, have flipped the script on short term housing investments. When they began offering a unique solution for residential real estate investors who are interested in short term housing investing. Investors have really taken a liking to the company’s 10 year, net-leased corporate housing assets. Once the Company has executed its sale lease-back and added the property to its portfolio, it operates the assets as both short-term and curated extended stay corporate housing with a focus on entertainment, healthcare, and insurance housing.

More investors than ever are flocking towards towards the short-term housing business model, and here are the top five reasons why:

1. Market growth
Travelers are becoming increasingly more comfortable with the idea of staying in someone else’s home while they’re away from their own homes. They’re discovering that there are several advantages to rentals over traditional hotels, including enjoying the practical comfort of a real residence over a commercial hotel.

2. No headaches over property management
With conventional short-term rentals (Airbnb), an investor would have to worry about cleaning, guest reviews, fine details, and tax and licensing rules – just to name a few. But Mt. Royal Homes’ lease-back properties remove all those worries, so investors can just sit back and enjoy their investment returns. For the life of the lese, the investor handles all aspects of property operation.

3. Huge return on investment
Mt. Royal Homes is currently experiencing investor interest levels double and triple compared to 30 days ago. The Company’s investors are already realizing cap rates at eight to 12 percent!

4. Larger cash flow Generation
With an inevitable period of market volatility on the horizon, the average short term rental generates 3X-5X times more than the average long-term rental. With client’s staying shorter lengths of time, this decreases the risk of a client payment default. These facts have enabled Mt. Royal Homes long-term real estate investment properties are perfectly suited to survive and thrive in any recession.

5. Suitable investment for everyone

For those investors considering making the leap into short-term housing properties, they would be wise to consider buying specifically one of Mt. Royal Homes’ opportunities. For the following simple reasons:

* The investor has the ability to enjoy the revenue generation of short-term housing with none of the operational headaches. Furnished short-term housing enjoys revenue three to fives times the long-term market rate.

* Mt. Royal Homes currently has properties for sale in the $400’s, up to the $1.2 mil ranges. Something for most investment budgets.

* Mt. Royal Homes’ landmark sale lease-back structure takes some of the uncertainty out of investing in today’s uncertain times by buying a brick and mortar asset.

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