Mothernode CRM Commits to Helping Companies Adjust to New Cloud-Based Working Conditions Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

Mothernode CRM, a leading provider of sales, marketing, & customer management software, helps small businesses prepare for challenges during COVID-19 crisis.

There are millions of companies throughout the US, Canada, and around the world, that don't have an adaptable business model …that can allow their staff to confidently perform their jobs…”

— Jamie Geisler

GRAPEVINE, TX, USA, March 24, 2020 / — Mothernode CRM has developed a fast-track implementation plan to deploy, onboard and train companies within a matter of days, so they can confidently run their business in the cloud.

Mothernode is offering free implementation and training services to any new, qualifying customers beginning March 23, 2020, and will continue to offer this special service to customers throughout the end of June 2020. The company has developed a fast-tack implementation program to onboard and train new customers for any of its Mothernode CRM Editions, so companies can confidently run their business in the cloud and better prepare themselves for potentially tougher times.

"There are millions of companies throughout the US, Canada, and around the world, that don't have an adaptable business model and aren't flexible enough to make important changes that can allow their staff to confidently perform their jobs, with minimal interruption, while dealing with social adjustments like school closings, quarantine policies and other unforeseen restrictions.", said Jamie Geisler, Director of Client Services. "We've already seen a huge spike in our user base working from home, doing what they can to limit themselves to unnecessary exposure while still servicing customers and maintaining productivity levels. Social distancing is necessary but has already disrupted service delivery models in companies without centralized business processes to manage their data. They'll continue to struggle unless they adapt."

There are many small businesses around the world using surprisingly dated methods when it comes to their internal operations. Companies that use too many internal manual methods that cause countless inefficiencies are prone to error and subpar customer service. At least that's the usual problem Mothernode and other CRMs or business software try to solve with an all-in-one solution, but in this case there is much more at stake. It's these inefficiencies that are magnified during the COVID-19 crisis.

"We've had our share of customers become temporarily displaced by floods, tornados, hurricanes, and even fires, but it's only in those difficult times did they realize the value of having their business in the cloud. The most important part of their business was protected and accessible in the cloud. Though they had to deal with some very challenging situations, they could continue to service their customers, invoice, market themselves and sell", Jamie said. "We're trying to bring this awareness to companies who are truly unprepared to adjust to uncertain times. We depend on each other to be successful. We want to encourage those who have considered cloud-based businesses to stop procrastinating and avert any future regret."

Mothernode CRM is available in a variety of different editions that focus on various solutions that range from sales management to sales and marketing, customer management and complete end-to-end business operations. Much like world Governments are striving to help their citizens make the right decisions for the greater good, Mothernode CRM is looking to help business owners do the same for their employees and customers. For more information about this limited-time program visit

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