How to keep your air conditioner running great this summer for Bucks County residents

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In this release we highlight the new HVAC services HTR is now helping local customers throughout Bucks County with to keep their air conditioners running great.

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FEASTERVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 17, 2019 / — Looking to improve the efficiency of your HVAC unit? Maybe the air just doesn't feel clean, or isn't quite getting as cool as you would like it to? Check out HTR Mechanical, for an easy maintenance call to get your local HVAC system checked out and kept running at its optimal performance. Most home owners do not realize how important easy air flow is for a whole house heater or air conditioner. When your filter continuously collects dirt, pet hair and other loose remnants from simply falling into your air flow registers, your HVAC blower can suck these elements up and collect at your built in air filter. Without this filter, your A coil would clog with this unwanted stuff, making the cooling process run inefficiently or sometimes even at all. A good simple rule to follow is to try and replace this filter at least once a month unless you really don't use your air conditioner or heater every day. By following this maintenance plan, you can drastically extend the lifetime of your heater or air conditioning unit.

HTR Mechanical is a local Levittown air conditioning repair expert dedicated to installation, maintaining and replacing heating and air conditioning units for customers located throughout Bucks County and Montgomery County. If you are looking for a Bucks County air conditioning expert, look no further than HTR.

Its also important to have your freon levels checked to help maximize the life of your compressor, which is the device that transfers the energy throughout the HVAC system. If not properly managed, you can do a lot of damage to your heat and air conditioning equipment, while these parts are very expensive to replace. While you may have a simple filter replacement down, to keep the other components running properly, its at least recommended to have an annual service call scheduled to help keep you equipment running properly for a much greater time period.

HTR is also a great choice when looking for whole house humidifiers in addition to your HVAC unit for those dryer months, where you wish the air had a little more moisture comfort. This accessory if you will can add tremendous comfort to your home if you are not the biggest fan of dry air in your house.

Contact HTR Mechanical today for more information regarding their Bucks County heating and air conditioning service at 267-241-3769 or visit them on the web at This Levittown, PA based company serves customers throughout greater Philadelphia, PA and surrounding local cities.

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