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Boarder Security Booth completed modular, prefabricated in factory

Bulletproof guard inspection station

Security Booth being installed at the US/Canada Boarder

Installation of a Boarder Security Modular Prefab Booth

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High Security Bullet-proof Modular guard booths protect Boarder agents from possible hostile actions

Our boarder agents are much better protecetd in these booths”

— Tim U. Department of Home Land Security

DERBY LINE, VERMONT, USA, June 24, 2019 / — Physical barriers have their place for border security or perimeter security however, manned entrance portals with electronic inspection equipment are much more effective.
The addition of prefabricated detection and inspection stations complement other physical barriers, providing the ultimate protection at the US border. Similar prefab structures have been used for factory security, neighborhood security, school security, campus security and other sensitive areas.
SafeSpace Building's security booths are providing a safe, secure and comfortable environment to house personnel and equipment while screening incoming vehicles and people. These prefab enclosures are hardened with bullet proof or blast resistant materials providing an additional level of security. Infrared cameras, x-ray equipment, and chemical detection monitors were added to these modular booths as a tool to screen incoming traffic. By the time a vehicle gets to the guard station, the security personnel have identified the owner and know what's in the car or truck. This provides faster and more comprehensive screening than visual inspection alone.
These prefab modular enclosures are in use at the US Borders between Canada and Mexico as well as many power-plants, warehouses, schools and factories. They can be architecturally designed to match the surrounding buildings so they blend into the landscape, not detract from it. Many also include prefab bathrooms, lockers and built in furniture to add comfort and convenience.
SafeSpace Buildings has designed, fabricated and delivered prefabricated modular security buildings that are aesthetically pleasing and fully functional keeping us all safer!

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Source: EIN Presswire