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Caster Concepts

Caster Concepts

The experts at Caster Concepts have designed and developed numerous products that will solve many common issues in the workplace.

ALBION, MI, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2019 / — Standards are important when it comes to workplace safety and quality control, but Caster Concepts, a leading manufacturer of custom casters headquartered in Albion, Michigan, goes beyond standard in everything they do. In fact, their website provides a wealth of information for managers, facility owners, and supervisors who are interested in solving common safety and productivity issues in the workplace.

Safety and Risk Management

Casters play crucial roles in most workplaces around the world. Though they are often overlooked, they are responsible for allowing materials to move safely across runways, production floors, hangars, parking lots, and numerous other environments without injuring the operators or damaging the loads they carry. Caster Concepts has created patented caster wheels that can help protect against hearing loss, overexertion, and accidents and collision injuries related to the movement of heavy materials.

Noise Reduction

Hearing loss is the second most common injury in the workplace, and once employees lose their hearing, they cannot get it back. Caster Concepts’ CasterShoX casters were designed to reduce noise by dampening vibrations through springs and patented polymers. Their shock absorption capabilities also make them ideal for transporting fragile loads or heavy loads across uneven surfaces.

Rough Surface Movement

Moving loads over rough surfaces can cause a shift in the load’s center of gravity or create a jarring motion that injures employees. Casters with pneumatic wheels were designed to reduce this risk significantly, and they can be used both outdoors and on floors with uneven surfaces. These casters are made of elasticized hard rubber and will not damage flooring.

Heavy Duty Use

In some industries, casters must be able to support tons of weight, and not just any caster can do that safely. Caster Concepts offers a huge selection of heavy-duty casters that not only support tremendous loads, but also offer swivels, locks, and various other features that keep employees safe during use. Common applications include airplane platforms, steel haulers, rail cars, and more.

One-of-a-Kind Applications

Caster Concepts provides access to an online CAD tool that allows customization of existing caster models to suit any application. The company employs its own highly skilled engineering team, as well, to help clients design exactly what they need – even if they have no experience with CAD. The company’s manufacturing processes easily accommodate any custom design, and thanks to incredible safety and quality testing, clients can rest assured that their casters are precise.

To learn more about the various ways Caster Concepts works with industries to solve common workplace issues, visit their website or give them a call at 888-781-3379. You can also request a quote online.

About the Company: Caster Concepts is headquartered in Albion, Michigan and is comprised of not only a state of the art manufacturing facility that can accommodate virtually any custom order, but also a team of engineers who can help companies solve some of the biggest challenges in the workplace. No application is too extreme and no load is too large for the experts at Caster Concepts to handle. For more information please

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