Hispanic Americans from RNHA of Illinois Offer Free Border Wall Solution

Louis Structures, ESTA Smart Wall

Louis Structures, ESTA Smart Wall

Louis Structures’ ESTA Smart Wall technology set to be completed at zero cost to tax-payers, help solve national security crisis

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — On the heels of a stalemate between Congress and President Trump’s request for a border wall, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois (RNHA of Illinois) announced a solution today. It proposed to build a state of the art, environmentally sustainable, technologically advanced (ESTA), no-cost to American taxpayers, border wall.

Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois is an American political organization which promotes Hispanic-American issues and interests within the Republican Party.

RNHA of Illinois National State Chairman, Jesus Solorio, believes that America needs to do whatever it takes to discourage illegal entry. He says it’s time to permanently stop immigrants across the globe who cross the southern border for sex trafficking, and exploiting women and children.

Solorio added that a border wall would also assist in creating the conditions to reduce crime, drive out gangs, and clean up neighborhoods. The RNHA of Illinois seeks to promote small businesses, and develop partnerships between various ethnic groups for the good of the greater community.

“Hispanic Americans are tired of divisive tactics without effective solutions,” stated Jesus Solorio. “We believe we have found a solution to pay for the border wall proposed by President Trump. Louis Structures’ ESTA Smart Wall technology could be a solution to secure our southern border. Of particular interest to all is that it doesn’t require Mexico or American taxpayers to pay for it.”

Scientists and engineers from the Wisconsin construction technology company, Louis Structures, have developed a revolutionary, high-tech border wall solution. It involves converting unrecycled trash diverted from America’s landfills into clean, construction materials.

“The border wall the RNHA of Illinois and Louis Structures have proposed is unprecedented,” stated Fran Briggs, Publicist to Louis Structures. “It could save tax payers billions of dollars.”

Louis Structures has proposed building a 75-foot-thick border wall using recycled consumer byproducts. The wall would be embedded with smart technology, and can accommodate a patrol road on top and solar panels. Initial construction of 300 miles of the ESTA Smart Wall could be completed in a year and a half.

The project is anticipated to create thousands of new jobs and substantially help the environment by eliminating millions of tons of waste from going into overcrowded landfills.

“The support of the RNHA of Illinois for our ESTA Smart Wall is very welcome. We are working together to address both the national security and environmental crises in our nation,” explained Benjamin Horvat, CEO of Louis Structures. “I applaud these Hispanic leaders for being concerned about stopping the violence of gangs and sex traffickers who frequently travel undetected across the US-Mexico border.”

Wall logistics

• Environmentally Sustainable Technologically Advanced Smart Wall (ESTA)
• Free wall solution – zero additional cost to taxpayers
• Eliminates millions of tons of waste from landfills
• 75-foot-thick wall accommodates a patrol road on top
• Embedded with smart technology to detect tampering or degradation
• Sensor-equipped for movement above and below ground
• Creates thousands of new jobs
• Helps our environment by eliminating millions of tons of trash which go in landfills
• Initial construction of 300 miles of high-tech, secure wall within 18 months
• A net cost of zero dollars (free wall solution benefits all Americans)

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