N-Hance Announces Master Franchise Agreement In Lebanon

Wood refinishing brand seeks master franchisees to continue global expansion

N-Hance continues to expand around the world thanks to a business model designed to perform well in any market”

— Joe Manuszak

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, January 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — N-Hance Wood Refinishing has expanded its global presence further with a new Master Franchise agreement in Lebanon.

Entrepreneur Malek Mahfouz, who will open his first N-Hance in Beirut in spring 2019, says he plans a dual strategy of franchise and corporate owned operations.

“Franchising is not as common in Lebanon as it is in the United States and Europe,” said Mahfouz, who is returning to his native country after years of operating a media consulting business in Dubai. “I am taking a two-pronged approach to introducing N-Hance to Lebanon: I will open our own locations around the country so that we can begin to grow our market share, and later, we will be reaching out to educate and attract entrepreneurs who will operate their own business.”

N-Hance is a unique wood-refinishing business that provides wood refreshing, including the ability to change wood colors, in flooring, cabinetry, siding, furniture and trim refinishing. N-Hance launched in 2006, but only expanded globally in 2018 already has more than 500 franchises around the world. N-Hance is aggressively seeking Master Franchise owners who want to bring this successful American brand to their country. Master Franchisees own the rights to an entire region or country and have the right to develop as many franchise locations as they can in that region.

N-Hance’s rapid processes, such as its proprietary Lightspeed® instant-cure wood refinishing process, mean that high-traffic areas aren’t out of commission for a week. In fact, Lightspeed means a job often can be done in as little as a single day. N-Hance makes the wood-renewal process fast, efficient and affordable — giving the business appeal to residential and commercial clients around the world.

“N-Hance continues to expand around the world thanks to a business model designed to perform well in any market,” said Joe Manuszak, Vice President of Global Development. “We are pleased and excited to begin working with Malek and believe that N-Hance services will generate a great deal of interest quickly build a successful presence in Lebanon.”

Mahfouz agrees, adding that there are several aspects of Lebanese society that will help N-Hance grow quickly.

“The Lebanese people take a great deal of pride in their houses and care for them very diligently,” he said. “Within the house, the kitchen holds a very important part of daily life, as a great deal of time spent there. Wood is abundantly used in Lebanese home construction, and so a service that can help refresh wood surfaces and make them look new — and do so at less than the cost of a full kitchen renovation — We believe it will be of great interest to Lebanese homeowners. N-Hance will offer an affordable way to improve their lives.”

“N-Hance Master Franchise owners and their teams provide a full roster of wood refreshing and refinishing services, from floor and other timber renewal to complete cabinet makeovers through color renewal or replacement,” Manuszak added. “Our fast, durable services, market- competitive pricing and industry-leading technology such as Lightspeed curing process are creating opportunities for N-Hance Master Franchise owners in the global marketplace.”

To learn more about N-Hance and its international franchise opportunities, visit nhanceinternational.com.

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Source: EIN Presswire