Discoloration and Fish Eye Can Be Problems With Hard Wood Floors but Royal Wood Floors Provides The Cures

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Royal Wood Floors continues to cover hard wood floor problems and cures so that Milwaukee home owners can keep their hard wood floors beautiful – Series 11

MILWAUKEE, WI, UNITED STATES, December 26, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — Royal Wood Floors specializes in hard wood floor refinishing and installing hard wood floors in the greater Milwaukee area and has been highly successful for over 15 years. “After servicing or installing a new floor, we make a point of providing the following as a special series of tips for every customer in order to ensure that their floors are protected and provide that stunning hard wood beauty for as long as possible”, says Keith Allman who owns Royal Wood Floors. He continues to say, “there are a variety of problems that can affect the beauty and life of hard wood floors and once these are isolated they can be handled properly so that the hard wood lasts for years the way it should”. Different types of hard wood floor damage can often times be dealt with through hard wood floor restorations. It is important that residents be educated on it. In this article we want to discuss problems such as Discoloration and what is called Fish Eye to better educate the homeowners that want to keep their hard wood floors beautiful and long lasting.

This is where a hard wood floor changes color (darkens or lightens) over time. Some areas may change color more than others. The cause of this is where oil-modified finishes Amber and will yellow even further over time. This is to be expected. Also, wood lying in direct sun light will change color over time. This is a natural change.

“Wood also changes color through oxidation or photochemical exposure, which is a change that cannot be prevented because it’s a natural occurring phenomena,” says Allman. “But professional care can go a long way to helping keep your floors beautiful,” he continues.

Despite the pervasive myth that an oil-modified finish re-coated with waterborne finish will stop ambering, ambering of oil-modified finishes cannot be prevented. If marks are left on the floor by area rugs or furniture, moving them around can equalize the change in color. Hard wood floor owners should know that all wood species particularly Cherry, Brazilian Cherry and many exotic wood types will change color greatly as they age and are exposed to light. To minimize changes you should reduce the floors exposure to sunlight.

Fish Eye
This is a defect that manifests itself by the crawling of a wet finish into a recognized pattern resembling small dimples or what is called “fish eye”. These can measure up to about 1-inch in diameter. You may find a tiny particle in the middle of fish eyes which may be the cause for some to form. The cause of this is simply a contamination of the surface. If the finish container has sat undisturbed for some time and has not been properly agitated, a disproportionate amount of flow and leveling agents may be put on the floor, causing the fish eyed appearance. To cure this problem, simply abrade/screen and re-coat the floor. Make sure that the finish that you use is well stirred and mixed up as directed by the finish manufacturer.

“The best way to prevent problems is to always do the research first or seek professional help. Then problems such as the ones described here can be prevented,” says Allman.

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